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Petrified socks

Dsc06180Dsc06179_1So many possibilities here... play on the name of the yarn, play on the name of the color of the yarn, play on the name of the company that made the yarn and thought up the name for the color, play on the name of the pattern?  Alas, I'm only about half-way through a leg, so plenty of time for exploration.  How about Petrified Jaywalker for today.

These photos are very true to color.  (Have I mentioned how much I love Reveal light bulbs?)  I love them.  If you're interested in such things, I'm making the larger size and I'm using US2 needles.  At first I thought I'd possibly overcompensated, but I've tried them on about four times and I think they're fine.  Also, I have two hanks of this yarn and, while I probably won't go as far as knee-highs, I wouldn't mind a little longer leg.  Maybe.  We'll see.  I can also see the Jaywalker pattern used on a sock with a very short leg.

Dsc06171No work today!  No school today!  We had freezing rain last night and, according to my boss, who talked to DH, you can't even walk outside.  I haven't tried it.  It looks slick.  My benchmark for ice storms is January 22/23, 1965, Highland Park, IL, when I was in first grade and my baby sister decided to be born.  We all went along in the car when Dad drove Mom to the hospital -- I remember that she almost fell on the way in.  The ice was thick, THICK on everything -- it was magical and sparkly and cold and dangerous -- and I got a new baby sister!  This is nothin' compared to that.  I hear sirens, though, and what a pain in the ass for anyone who planned to travel today.  Lots.  Some of my family was planning to hit the road tonight and some tomorrow...

Dsc06170Meanwhile, here's part of Santa-Ali's Workshop.  Man, she's rollin' this year.  It's one of those years when things have all come together at once -- ideas, inspiration, materials, motivation, and time.  I still have four small, painted, wooden boxes on a sill in the living room -- the start of a present project several years ago for which she lost steam and, well, there they sit.

I made two pans of brownies for Maddy to take to school today.  Um, there is no school today.  Um, I don't need no stinkin' brownies!  Between the Christmas gift boxes sent by DH's dad and mine, we're all set for sausage, cheese, nuts, cookies, jam, truffles, meltaways, apples, pears, and other things of that nature for quite a while!!  Do brownies freeze well?



Oh my god, Vicki, they're GORGEOUS!!! I don't have that color in the stash, but a call will be going out to Tina asap! LOVE THEM!


brownies do freeze just fine. When you are having sugar-withdrawal after the holidays they will come in handy. It's raining here and a bit too warm for ice. That will be tonight when I'm driving home from the riding school in the country, lucky me.
Have a Merry Christmas Vicki!


Ice!? We have freaking rain...in the MOUNTAINS. This is not good and worse yet, no white Christmas.
The JW's are gorgeous. I might need some of that fabulous color.
Love you grrlfriend. Enjoy your Holiday!


Gorgeous colourway, it's reminding me of my favourite chocolate and vanilla mousse actually, delicious socks!


the socks look great. that yarn is yum yum yum!


Nothing has tempted me to learn how to knit socks or buy sock yarn til those "petrfied jaywalkers" which is right on so many levels for rockhounds. I am not sure I should ever speak to you again.... HOWEVER - because I no longer drink coffee I do owe you that - I quit last March. I figured if you could quit what you chose to quit, I could too. hugs.


Okay okay, you have me convinced. I have to make those socks! Even though I was supposed to be casting on for a shawl on New Year's Day. I see some multitasking in my future!


Beautiful jaywalkers! I have them on my list of to-dos. Brownies freeze very well, so stash 'em until you want 'em!


Love the socks! And, I'm late to the party on this comment, but yes, you can absolutely freeze the brownies.

kathy b

Oh yes, brownies freeze well, my dear. They are delicious frozen too!

Mary in Boston

The socks are gorgeous. I love that colorway. Only half a mitten to go - Think I'll make it?

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Vicki!


OMG, I LOVE that color! Awesome

Kim/Curlie Girl

Your petrified socks look fabulous! And yes, I think brownies do freeze well, if not, I'll send you my address...hehe!

Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!


Brownies not only freeze well, but some (like me) maintain they are even better when frozen, or after having been frozen. I have a friend who started a homemade brownie business, and that's her position, too. the socks are fantastic!


I love that color! I need more sock yarn like a hole in the head, but I might need to break down...
And freezing brownies? There would be no chance of that happening around my house, so I don't know the answer!


Merry Christmas!

lynne s of oz

Vicki, wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas and a wonderful 2006. May it hold all you want it to and no more :-)
Love the socks and let us know if brownies freeze - wouldn't you just have to put them outside to find out?


WHERE ARE YOU?!?! I tried to call you today. I miss you!

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