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After months of suffering with a lame, squeaky mouse that, finally, would hardly even point anywhere, I bought a new optical mouse last weekend and  It's smooth, baby, real smoooooooth.

Among the two or three* non-knitting blogs I enjoy are two photo-blogs -- I dare not click on any of their links to other photo-blogs or lists of photo-blogs because I might never return.  Check them out:  daily dose of imagery and  The latter has been posting pics from China, which makes me think of Celia and how much I've enjoyed the albums she's posted from her recent trip there (and check out her November in Pictures post!).

I have begun the gusset on the second Log Cabin Sock (woo!) and I wore a wrist brace to bed last night.  I think I'm going to make today Weasley Wednesday.  Shirley will Shrug on Saturday and Sunday for sure.  Thanks for your nice comments on that, by the way.  Speaking of which, I'm using Mission Falls cotton for the shrug and I've noticed several posts 'round the land that Mission Falls is back!  Amy, for one, had a post about that.

And, OMG and speaking of Amy, if you don't know that the new Knitty has been posted, you've had your head in a snowbank -- I love it!  I can't wait to make a Kate or ten!  It's all knitting crack -- I think it just keeps getting better.  I've barely made it to the articles, but am anxious to read Jenna's article on sleeves.  Maybe I'll finally fix Goldie.

SwingjacketSpeaking of Kate.  There's another new baby in the 'hood.  Kate Gilbert's "needles on fire" may only be glowing embers for a little while as she gets used to her new daughter!  But then, what do you want to bet she'll have the best-dressed-in-mommy-designed-hand-knits-baby in Canada?  I was so surprised and happy to see Kate's beautiful Pearl Buck Swing Jacket in the latest Interweave Knits.  I love it!  I love Kate's designs.  Not that I need any further validation of her talent or my judgment, but when Mom was choosing which shrug pattern she wanted me to knit, she saw Kate's IK cover sweater and really loved it.  Of all the other sweaters and things she looked at that day, it was the only one she commented on -- and it almost made her jump the shrug ship altogether.  Believe me, this means something.  If warmth while knitting** in bed wasn't the primary motivation in this selection, I'd be knitting that sweater!

I love Boston Legal.  I've been a huge fan of all the lead actors for.ever.  Oh, yeah, James Spader, especially to look at, but William Shatner...  I know, I know.  I think you either love him or hate him.  I think I love him -- not in the Cara & Bruce way -- but I do.  He cracks me up.  I can't explain it.  Before you get all up in arms or down on me and want to show me the light, I'd just like you to know that I've kept all my feelings about Gilmore Gag Girls to myself.

*It's pitiful, I know.  I do have another folder of non-knit blogs that I keep private.  (Get your mind out of the gutter, Ann.)

**Hahaha.  You can tell whose blog this is and what the #1 subject is!  That should be "reading in bed" -- my mother barely knits, much less in bed.  ; )  I think, though, that the Shirley Shrugs action won't be limited to the bedroom.  (Ann:  See previous parenthetical comment.)



Great news about Mission Falls. Oh and Kate too. I love Boston Legal and all the actors. It is so entertaining. Did you see the one where they went flyfishing and did the homage to Planes, Trains and Automobiles? I don't even watch a lot of TV anymore - outside of HGTV and TLC. I love the Swing Jacket too, it's a very good issue.


William Shatner! Ok, I think he's funny and endearing in a strange sort of way... but James Spader - I've watched at LOT of strange B movies just to watch him...

The swing jacket is beautiful... I'm in the middle of Christmas projects... fingerless gloves for one sister and a felted dog bed for the other - I hate felting - but she loves her dog so...


I've never seen Boston Legal. While I do like Shatner (Star Trek all the way baybee!) James Spader creeps me out. A lot.

That Ann. Her mind is permanently in the gutter! ;-)

Thanks for the photog links. Crack for sure.


Man oh man, I am here on Long Island, minding my own business and trying to lead a pure life..... geesh.

I am sure I don't know what you, ahem, ladies are speaking of!


Boston Legal was a gas last night! I love it but usually miss it due to Stitch 'n Bitch. The weather was so horrible I had to stay home (so you KNOW it was bad) but at least I got to have a good time with Willy S and the boys.
I hope to get IK soon as I think I'm going to love Kate's jacket. There are so many great things to knit all of a sudden!


Not so much with the William Shatner thing. He gets on my nerves after a bit.

I want to knit that swing jacket, too. It's so lovely!


That swing jacket is great. So's the new Knitty. And Kate has already had the baby in a yarn shop - which just cracks me up!


Ha! See that "mind in the gutter" talk got you some free playboy spam ;)

I'm also admiring the Pearl Buck Swing coat, but I'm not sure I'll find time to get around to it. Thats the problem with knitty and IK, so many great things to make, but not nearly enough time!


I love Kate's new jacket--and her baby too.


Thanks for the link to the Toronto photos - seeing the tree at the Eaton's Center sent a wash of homesickness over me! I'll be seeing it soon enough though as I'm driving home for Christmas. Thanks again!

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