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Dsc06071Ooo, sorry, lasting effects of the cowboy hat.

Today I'd like to talk about how nice it is to have a balance in the PayPal account -- even if it's small.  It kind of feels like free money, you know?  Last night, I was able to spend a little of that free money on Jess Hutchison's pattern book which I knew was once again available because of my nifty blog-reading system wherein I'm definitely more in the loop and more caught up than I have been in ages.  I knew about this on the day it happened.  I'm thrilled.  (Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, it is the little things -- and most of the time they're free. Or might only cost $8 plus shipping.  But if you use that free PayPal money, well, then it's a free-for-all that comes in a little booklet of little patterns for little things that will be freely given so that someone else might feel a fraction of my joy.)

Um.  I swear to you, I'm not on drugs of any kind.  I didn't even take ibuprofen last night.  I do think that I'm in a little better mood, though, and perhaps Ebenezer Scrooge has left the building.  Coming across the word "poppycock" in a comment during some unusual (for me) late-night blog reading didn't hurt.  Who here knows of which and whom I speak?  Is it just me?  I keep seeing that face and imagining that word -- with all those other words she uses -- passing through those lips.  Oh, and The Twelve don't hurt, either -- it's a parade!

I did not get the new meme (or not) memo in a timely manner, though, so pics of my knitting space(s) tomorrow.  (When I visited Cara's, I sat and knitted in both their spots on the couch!)  Thank goodness, because otherwise it's the same old knitting, you know?

Dsc06074Or not.  Up top, you see two balls of Lana Grossa Luna that was an early Christmas gift from my best non-knitting friend.  It's gorgeous and I love it, but I'm not sure what to do with it.  Naturally, I initially thought "scarf," but I really don't wear scarves.  Or hats (with very few exceptions, which would sometimes be related to warmth or (and a rare occasion, indeed) alcohol consumption.  I tore off the price stickers already, but am thinking of trading it in for sock yarn.  It was so cold yesterday that I was wearing two pairs of store-bought socks and was wishing I had more that were handknit.  I don't mind one bit when y'all say, "I told you so."

You can see that I got my book for the Crossing Over While Being Translated (or something like that) knit-along.  (I will admit that I was fascinated by that show for a while.  Didn't hurt that he was kinda cute and, if I remember correctly, was a ballroom dancer, though to my knowledge he never danced on the show.)  Anyway, I love that book (and would like to live there, too).  There are lots of other cables, there are color projects, lace projects -- really gorgeous!  Atop the book are the two sleeves and start of the back that constituted the Weasley Wednesday knitting.  Oh, and I finished the gusset on the Log Cabin Sock, so that's on the home stretch.



No. NO!!! That Crossing Over guy is NOT cute - he's way creepy and weird and NOT CUTE.

Please tell people that my house wasn't as messy as it looks on today's post when you were there. That I can clean up a little bit for company. Pretty please?


I have to agree with Cara ---- that guy is creepy. No LaPierre that one.

I am so willy nilly with my blog reading that I am considering just copying your approach entirely.

I am way out of the loop.


That poppycock thing cracked me up, too! I wonder if Norma knew how we'd talk about her because of it . . .

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