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Dsc06092...or, "What's with the fish?"

I was at Main Street Art Works in teeny, tiny Hilbert, WI, where they are preparing for a January display of sturgeon decoys.  Sturgeon fishing is big around here at about that time of year.  This fish is on loan from I-don't-remember-where and you can see why it would appeal to me, can't you?

Dsc06093There's a fiberglass body providing the framework for this wonderful mosaic work!  It looks scaley and prehistoric and it's big and oh, so cool!

Last night, I blocked the Wee Weasley sleeves under a damp towel; today the front is blocking and then I'll do the back.  After that, I'll do some sewing, knit the collar, do some more sewing and then, time permitting, give it a good soaking and blocking in one piece.  I believe I'll have at least an extra day because I don't think the little guy will be here 'til Christmas Day.

As far as Shirley Shrugs, I went back to the drawing board (Excel) and re-did my chart.  I think I'm back on track.  Three more repeats to slog through.  I didn't have the short rows figured correctly, either, so fixed that right away, too.

Since those two projects were where they were, I cast on for Spherey at lunch time yesterday and had a few decrease rows under my belt by bed time -- quick!  So cute, too.

Ali and I made Holiday Pretzel Treats this morning, as first seen on sUsAn's blog.  She'll give some for gifts, and I'll give some for gifts, and maybe we'll have some left (we did each perform a taste test -- they passed) -- or maybe we'll make some more!

I'm going to get some knitting done!



We were in Sturgeon Bay a couple of summers ago and they were doing "sturgeons" all over town. Same shape as your picture. It was lots of fun to drive around and find them all.
Thanks for the great recipe link! Definitely going to make some of those!


Sheesh, I don't even use Typepad and I was mad at them! I couldn't read any of my favorite blogs! Glad you're back!



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