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What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?

You will be smothered under a rug.
You're a little anti-social, and may want to start gaining new social skills
by making prank phone calls.
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I love Edward Gorey.  I did a little blog-hopping yesterday and found this at a new-to-me blog which I may or may not have added to my Bloglines list and I can't believe I didn't jot down the name.  I must have been all excited about my Gorey death...


I love the sky.  There are a lot of knit-blogging Sandy Sky Watchers standing on their porches in their jammies with wind-blown hair taking pictures of the sky these days; the sky images make me smile, the photographers' images in my head make me giggle.


I love the Olympics.  Like Stephanie, I have never participated much in competitive sports; I was invited to join the gymnastics team in high school, but, hey, it was high school -- I needed more of a nudge and didn't get it.  Oh, how I love to watch!  I cringe and grimace and wince at the mistakes, and sometimes my heart breaks; I beam to bursting, heart full with pride and accomplishment at the winning; and often I cry.  I love the anthems, the flags, the pomp and circumstance and ceremony, the flowers, the medals, the smiles and the tears.  I love the TV clips of past glories (never enough!) and athletes' stories.  And I think I have the perfect project for the Knitting Olympics -- Williamsro!  I've done some training (i.e., knitting, ripping, knitting, ripping), but I've lapsed, so some intense drills are in order these next few weeks.  Williamsro is my reward sweater, which I intend to have finished by the quit anniversary, and if I do it for the Olympics, I'll actually finish it a month ahead of schedule!


Mary in Boston

Williamsro is a great goal. I've decided I'm actually gonna finish a couple of projects within that time frame. I've got far too many things "in progress" as it is. Not that that stops me from buying more patterns and yarn!

So, I'm going to start and finish a cute hat from Rowan Big Wool collection. Believe me, that will be a challenge as knitting and watching TV at the same time is difficult for me. And I'll try do a pair of mittens from the Sarah Dallas book.


Glad to hear your daughter found the international cell phones. They're awesome.


There's a lot of Gorey love in our house too. We try and go to the Gorey house every summer when we're in Cape Cod. The Husband has two Gorey tattoos with plans for a third.

Amy Lu

Vicki, you must be crazy too! An entire sweater in 2 weeks? Do your wrist excercises to ward of Carpel tunnel! (grin)

I signed up to do some Latvian Mitten for the Knit-lympics but peer pressure has me leaning toward a sweater too. Only mine would have to be a miniature. Or a vest. I have small children that need to be fed on a regular basis, I don't know if I could knit an adult sweater in such a short time....

Have you signed up for Midwest Masters yet? Which classes?

Congrats on being almost one-year post smoking! I read JenLa's post mentioning you! I agree 100%!


You are a brave knitter. I'll be rooting for you in the Knit Olympics. Edward is a favorite of mine, too. I had his calender last year and got a laugh everyday.


I love Edward Gorey, too. I was introduced to him by Margene, as a matter of fact - she sent me a couple of cards of his. So I bought a box and now I send them out! Good luck in the Olympics. I'm going to use the time to finish up some of my many other projects on the needles.


I love Williamsro, I will be rooting for you to finish in time.


I love Williamsro, I will be rooting for you to finish in time.


I have a project, the yarn is in my stash,and there are two (2) national holidays during the Olympics. And yet I hesitate to participate. Feel like I might just be setting myself up for a letdown. I will swatch tonight and then try to finish up all the holiday projects that are still undone. I've got three weeks to decide...

p.s. My girlie HATES the dorms. BWAK!


I love Gorey as well. And Charles Addams. I was Q for Quentin. I got bogged down in the mire. Sounds about right.

Williamsro is perfect for the KOs. I'm doing fair isle. I think mittens, but maybe something else. Not sure though.


Oh yes, another Gorey fan. I can't get the quiz link to work, though.

I'll be rooting for you on the olympic sweater! Such an endeavor!


Hi~ I found you through the Knitting Olympics page (have had Williamsro on my list for awhile). I have a question regarding a strange link I get through the Gorey quiz. I know this is cryptic, but would you pls. email me as soon as possible and give me your email address? Thanks.

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