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Bon Voyage

I'm good; no tears.  (Dsc06320aCluuuuuuuck!  Bawk, bawk, bawk.)

We had a very fine bon voyage dinner for Katie last night.  We were seated at the table I wanted (cluck) and I didn't have to get all hot under the collar about it (cluck, cluck).  It was so pretty with the big windows and the water -- right there, right below us, even -- and the moonlight; the girls want to live there.

Katie said she had the perfect day-before-departure day -- lunch with a good friend, afternoon coffee with another, dinner with her family.  She's been packing and unpacking and repacking for the past six days, relegating clothing to be either packed or worn (not both) these past few, so there wasn't much last-minute angst in that department (she didn't learn this packing method from me -- BAWK!).  She can only take as much as she can carry herself and that's hard packing for an extended trip.  She slept well and is now on her way to Chicago/O'Hare with London/Heathrow as her final destination "tomorrow morning."

So, there they are (cluck, peck, cluck, cluck, cluck).  The next time they'll be all together, we'll be in the midst of birthday season -- Ali will have turned 19, Katie 21 (celebrating in Munich, no less), and Maddy will be on the very cusp of 15.  (BAWK!!!)  As I sent Katie off this morning, I just couldn't help remember how different she was the last time she flew/returned and know that she will certainly return "different" this time, too, but how different/different how, and will there ever be so dramatic a change again?  (BAAAAWWWWWWK!!!!)  Um, yeah, okay, I better stop thinking about all the possiblities in that vein right now.

Dsc06071I needed a distraction in the knitting department last night.  (Obviously, "distraction" is going to be the name of the game for a little while here -- let's see if "concentration" might be worked in, too, however slowly!)  I still have not located the yarn I was looking for last weekend (BAWK!), but the Lana Grossa Luna that I received from my employer for Christmas has also been on my mind a lot.  I cast on 25 stitches or so and worked several inches of the Brooks Farm Four Play Scarf pattern (pdf file) before Ali came through and I nabbed her for an opinion.  (The camera is temporarily MIA, so pics have to wait, or I'd definitely be asking you, too.)  She said it was okay, but wouldn't it be better as "one of those shawl thingies you wear all the time?"  I haven't been wearing scarves because I don't really have one, not because I don't like them.  The Luna looks nice in the scarf pattern, but I have to admit that I thought of a shawlette, too, and wondered if perhaps it wouldn't show the yarn to better advantage.  I've only got two balls of this, so it wouldn't be a very big shawlette, but ette means smallish, and I don't have a problem just knitting and seeing how it turns out.  It was purchased locally and I'm pretty sure that there's more to be had if ette isn't big enough.  Anyway, I didn't rip the scarf yet, but I did grab the second ball and have a start on a shawlette.

Thank you, thank you (cluck!) for all your well wishes, comments, emails, the chucks under the chin and pick-me-ups and encouragement for me, as well as the well wishes for my daughter as she embarks on this fantastical adventure... far, far, FAR (cluck, BAWK!!) from home.  The apron strings are attached by only a few fraying threads now and it won't be long before they just give out.  (Cluck.)



your girls are beautiful. you have done a wonderful job.


Vicki, She will be just fine. It's very hard to let them go. We sent both Alicia and Angela off to France when they were in the transition between middle school and high school. That was just about the hardest thing I ever did. What made it even worse was when they would call home in tears---homesick---and there was nothing we could do about it. After about a week or so they were so busy having fun and going to school that they didn't have time to be homesick. What a wonderful experience!


You know, there's actually a pattern in the Purl Book (I can't remember her name, but she's got a Knit Book and a Color Book too) that is a shawl with the same Brooks Farm scarf stitch. In fact, I bought all of my Four Play with the idea of making this shawl. I love the idea of the big small rows.

So glad it's wasn't too awful saying see you later! (No Goodbyes!) What wonderful daughters you have. All so beautiful and lovely and just like their momma! Thinking about you today. Hope my post today didn't give you a headache! ;-)


So glad it all went well. Those apron strings will never really be gone, they're always there as invisible threads that will pull her back to you over and over again. Hugs.


You are a great mom. Everyone tells me that kids are never totally gone and you never stop being mom. The relationship changes and evolves and if it was good in the past it will only get better in the future.

Teresa C

Vicki! I had no idea we were this much alike in the Mom department! My girls are the same ages as yours (my oldest is 20-21 in May, the next turned 18 in December and my youngest is 14 with an August birthday). Your girls sound great and wouldn't be nearly as fun and smart and adventurous as they are if not for the parenting. Great photo, they are gorgeous.


Oh Vicki, now you have me tearing up, too! She's going have such a wonderful adventure. Many hugs as you both navigate her beautiful emerging adulthood.


LOL - I know it's tough but ohhhh, I was so reminded of a mother hen clucking anxiously while watching her adopted ducklings learn to swim. I'd say you did a great job since that duckling really learned to swim :-)

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