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Yay, she's back; let's get Bookish!

It is interesting, perhaps only to me, that the only two book-ish episodes of Oprah that I've ever seen became mired in controversy shortly afterwards.  I'd read plenty of Oprah books -- and loved the idea of her book club, even if not always loving the books -- before ever actually seeing one of the book club episodes; that episode was, of course, when she chose Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections, and his response to the whole thing pretty much put an end to that incarnation of Oprah's Book Club.  Too bad.  I never quite understood that.  I'd always wished she'd start Oprah's Art Club or something (I've got some favorite, near and dear artists to suggest).  Anyway...

Whatever the last weekday was that I had off, I caught the VERY tail end of Oprah featuring James Frey and A Million Little Pieces.  I saw enough and was impressed enough that I've been talking about it, quoting it ("HOLD ON"), all but recommending it.  There was a light crowd at book club last night (though more in attendance than last time) and that's the book we'll be reading for next time.

The book we discussed last night was Inside The Kingdom by Carmen Bin Ladin.  I didn't particularly care for her writing, but it was an interesting story.  I don't know that I'd ever be so blinded by love and idealism that even after visiting Saudi Arabia and experiencing the culture I'd gloss it over as she did.  That's me.  I'd like to be an idealist, but that damn practical stuff always gets in the way.

There's still some clucking, but the feathers are beginning to settle.  Tonight we'll all go to dinner, and tomorrow morning I'll see Katie off, and then I've got some things planned (I have the day off of work) to keep myself occupied.  Possibly a hair cut, definitely some knitting, some shopping/food prep (trying something new; no pumpkin lasagna news yet), and yoga.

Panic-Cluck-OMMMMMMM.  I'll get by with a little help from my friends.


Bookish Wendy

Yay, I'm back! (Almost 100%) Going on vacation stinks for the blog world.

A Million Little Pieces is very good - but as I said in the comments to my post, it isn't as good as the level of its sales.

A GREAT bookclub book though!


Here's a hug for you, Vicki. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow. Cluck, cluck, cluck.


Yay for Wendy being back - it sucks when one of your peeps goes missing.

Oprah Schmoprah. She gets on my nerves sometimes. I'm over all that HIGH HIGH emotion. (Actually I'm not allowed to watch her anymore - I end up thinking I have every mental illness she profiles. ;-) )

I'm thinking of you! April is around the corner. And you know she's going to have a blast.


Hang in there, Vicki, you can do it! Best wishes to Katie for safe travels and a wonderful experience. I'll be thinking of you both in the morning.


Thinking of you and to Katie have a fantastic time!


I thought A Million Little Pieces was great, whether it's fiction or non. It was just a little hard to get over the writing format. I happen to like spacing and punctuation and all that.

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