Reflections in Yarn 2005
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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!  In my virtual Knitters' New Year's Party, I'm giving you ALL a big hug -- not just my eldest, headed off for London in less than two weeks, and her very good friend who we went to hear "spin" tonight and who said, "Where's your mom?" thinking that I was one of her friends and not her mom (I don't live for that, but I don't mind)  -- and we're ALL drinking big-ass Margaritas.

I am one of Katie's friends, but mostly, I'm her mom -- and she needed me to accompany her, since she isn't 21, but she wanted me to, too.  It was sweet.  I had fun.  I wished I was younger and still felt invincible and that there was a dance floor, but I'm not, and there wasn't, and I didn't, so I didn't embarrass anyone or smoke or... anything.  Except, I really didn't need TWO grande margaritas.

Anyway, a big slo0py new yea'rs kiss to you all -- and that little bit of margarita on your shoulder? I'm sure it's mine.  I spill while celebrating all the time.

Was telling Katie tonight about how I used to Love watching Dick Clark's New Yea'rs Rockin' Eve...  it would be just a little bit disappointing every year, but always just tantalizing enough to tune in the next, anyway.  We used to go to my aunt & uncle's near Marshfield every New Year -- the adults would go snowmobiling/bar-hopping and I'd stay and watch Dick Clark and the kids and Three Dog Night (or whoever).  I can't help but get warm fuzzies, no matter what, except maybe this year.

Love you all.  Can't believe how much.

Happy New Year!  Best to you in '06.  Cheers.




Happy New Year, Darlin! *mwah*


Dude I love it when you drunk blog! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Love you!


Isn't it amazing how much we love some people we've never met? Happy New Year, my drunken' party chic.
Dick Clark sucked last night, eh?


Awwww, Vicki. Love you too! I didn't know that New Year's would get you all sentimental but I love it! Happy New Year!


Happy New Year Vicki!!


You are amazing! Happy New Year to you too!


Happy New Year to you, too, Vicki!


Happy New Year!!


Happy New Year Vicki.


Ok, that was just about as much fun as being there. Love the pictures. You two have exactly the same nose. :-) Happy New Year, Vicki. Thanks for providing such a fun place to visit.

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