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Dsc06309The electrical adapters arrived yesterday.  It helps to spend some time with Katie as she packs and prepares.  It's not like I haven't sent her off to a far-away place before -- shoot, I even delivered her and, believe me, THAT was the hardest thing, driving away and leaving her behind.  She is so much better prepared.  I'm a mother hen, though, and my feathers have been ruffled, so I've just got to squawk and flap my wings 'round the barnyard for a little while.  That's just me.  The cows and pigs and Farmer Brown all need to know that my nest is being disturbed.  Cluck, cluck.

I skipped my regularly scheduled second Monday of the month meeting and had Katie drive me to Old Navy, instead.  I had a tip from Holly yesterday (thank you!) about yoga wear and I scored; top and bottom.  Barnes & Noble was two doors down with their Gaiam display (I also needed a mat) and I scored there, too, finding a mat/carrying bag combo that turned out to be 50% off to boot.  Total opposite of shopping meltdown.

I knit a little at lunch time yesterday, but not at all last night.  I am mere stitches from a completed sock.  Did I tell you that I did a three-needle bind-off on the first?  Jury's out 'til they're actually worn, but it looks nice.

I had threatened to begin a new project over the weekend and I would have if I'd been able to the yarn.  I am loathe to admit that it may have happened, it might apply, I could possibly have Too Much Wool.  (Cassie, I didn't think I'd ever share that problem, but I think this is clearly a sign.)  It's gotta be somewhere...




Glad you had success with the yoga clothes! YAY! Three needle bind of for the toe, huh? I've been seeing that a lot lately. I'm pretty comfortable with kitchener these days - but I'd love to hear what you think advantages/disadvantages are to both.

Cluck! Cluck! LOVE!


I love the idea of Old Navy for the yoga clothing! Perfection!

And remember Katie is going to have so much fun and come back with so many stories. This will be an adventure for her and for you.


So glad you found what you wanted at Old Navy! I have a Gaiam mat, too. Mine is purple. :-) Now you need to knit your self a mat bag.


don't you think the 3-needle bind off will set off some kind of "toe seam weird feeling in your shoes"?

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