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Little bumps, little bumps!

Dsc06257I haven't looked at every single page of every single vintage knitting magazine that was under my tree, but I have looked at most -- at the very least, I've read the covers and the tables of contents.  I found sock patterns in only one magazine -- the very earliest issue of Vogue Knitting Book (pictured here yesterday).  I think there was a nearly 50-year drought in the publication of sock patterns -- and now they're everywhere.

I did find, among the general techniques in some of those magazines, illustrated instructions for weaving together the toes of socks.  I also saw (but have not yet thoroughly read) directions for mending knitted items, with specific mention of socks.

My stepmom has been knitting socks for my dad, using a combination of both machine and hand knitting, for quite a few years.  Among other things, like the type of fiber used, Dad never likes where the toe seam falls on commercial socks.

At our family gift exchange on Christmas Eve, one of my sisters received some long underwear from another.  Along with specific discussion regarding the long underwear and this particular sister (who is probably the most particular about the way things fit, especially that there is enough ease, if not roominess), there was general discussion about sizing and how things should fit, eventually leading to the subject of constrictive and/or restrictive clothing, which led to the sharing of experiences by various family members, the most favorite of which involves my niece.

It is well known among us that my niece would not wear tights when she was little and she was quite particular about the fit of any kind of pants, or anything, really, that went around her waist.  I did not know that she was also a stickler regarding the fit and feel of her socks...  The hysteria was palpable as my brother-in-law recalled the many times they'd be nearly ready to go, my 3-year-old niece all bundled up by the back door, crying, "Little bumps, little bumps, little bumps..."  They'd remove the footwear, adjust the socks, and try, try again...  It's those little things, when the kids are little, that sometimes make you want to throw yourself off a cliff, but which make for such good laughs many Christmas Eves later...

And yes, folks, it's a finished Petrified Jaywalker!  The second one has been started and I'm already several rows into the pattern.



Cute story about your niece! It seems to me, in the vintage knitting books and leaflets I've seen, that most sock patterns call for knitting flat and then seaming. Blech!


LOVE THE SOCK! Isn't the pattern completely and utterly addictive? How fast do those things go? I'm already on the gusset of my 11th sock. It's a sickness. Truly it is.


Love the sock - great colours. My daughter was exactly the same about socks and tights when she was younger. She's a bit better now but is still rather particular and we often have to stop to readjust her socks.


What nice colors on that sock. Now, he must have a mate! Happy knitting!


That 50 yr drought-- It's that skip a generation thing I bet. When people see me knitting socks, they always have a strong opinion. That either I'm out of my ever loving mind because you can BUY socks, now dummy! Or that I'm dead on because hand knit socks are the only way to have socks that fit and are comfortable. The first category must be the people who lived the drought.

I love the colors in your Jaywalker!


That neice could be my daughter. At 11, she still has hissy fits about these things, socks in particular. Which is why I always have a pair on the needles for her - no seams! I'm still waiting to get to the stage where I laugh about this...


Nancy Bush may have started the whole sock craze all over again with her first book. You do share great stories about your family. LOVE the color of you JW's. Knit on, Mz. Vicki;-)


I had to abandon my Jaywalker - I made the 72 inch size because I have size 6 1/2 ft and figured I'd wear the small size. I can get it on but it is very tight around the gussett and heel. It's hard to get on, and when I force it, it's uncomfortable. Hmmm. Chelle


The Jaywalker looks great! Great colorway!


The story about your niece is hilarious. I actually still wear all of my socks inside out. The only socks that *never* bother me are my handknit socks. :)

Happy 2006!


My son and daughter are very picky about how their clothes rub their skin. So far, they love socks though. It sounds like you had a great Christmas.


I remember feeling that way! Or when you pulled your boot on and the sock yanked too tight against the toes. Icky.
My mom's solution was to fold the toe under a bit, but that was even worse - big bumps.

But not as bad as when the sleeve gets hiked up under the jacket arm.

Happy New Year.


Seems all of my kids have little bumps-itis too. I have a really difficult time buying perfect socks for any of them! And two of my four are much like your sister, uber picky about how everything fits. Too tight, too loose, too long, too short. Nothing is ever quite right.


bravo on your Jaywalkers! my D#1 used to give me fits over how to tie her shoes, they had to be "just so" and I could never figure it out. Thank God for Velcro sneakers, or I would have been hitting the booze ....

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