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London calling emailing

I think London tried to call this morning, but all I heard were a few clicks.  So, I had an email, instead!  She's fine, but a little homesick, mostly because of "the total lack of familiarity with this huuuuge city" and "all the little things you don't necessarily think about like the direction of the traffic or the currency or how all the cars are BMWs, Mercedes, and Peugeots... traffic is crazy. But I've found an ATM and I have yet to find somewhere to eat... I've slept one hour and that was last night on the plane, but it wasn't good sleep. So I can't wait until tonight!!"

If that doesn't sound kind of excited, then I don't know what does!  Woo (big sigh of relief).  Actually, I knew she'd arrived safe and sound and a half-hour late because I'd signed up for email notification of the arrival from the airline, so that was my first email today.  ; )

I had a good day yesterday, though didn't get done nearly all that I'd hoped.  I did go to yoga, though, and, ooooh, that was nice.  It still feels nice today.

Oh, yeah, and I "visited" Anna in England this morning, myself, and treated myself to"Pippa!  You should go, too.  This is a classic sweater, beautifully worked.



So glad she got there okay and is excited! And I'm ever more glad that you're feeling good about the whole thing.

PS - Thanks for The Clash reference - I'm going to go play that REALLY LOUD!


I am sure Katie will sleep well tonight, she must be exhausted, take care and have fun knitting "Pippa" its cute.


Please send me your email address. I can't seem to find it here or in my address book and I have some info for you.


Glad for the safe arrival news. I remember those homesick feelings when being in a strange place. I hope that passes quickly for her and she adjusts to all these changes.


OK. Already heard from Eva, too. She phoned Ron first, while I was Knitting Out with Rachael. And then just after I came home she phoned again. So I did get to talk with her. Auntie Joan picked her up at the airport and she's staying with her tonight. Phew. They don't tell you how nervewracking this part is when you get pregnant.


Yay she is there!! sigh of relief - now the fun begins!

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