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Northstar Mittens on tour

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"Hi mom, it's been a long day -- but AWESOME..."

Dsc03201Katie went on a trip to Canterbury and Dover yesterday and that's the beginning of the email she sent me upon her return.  She's given me the poop so I can access her Photobucket account while she's away -- she uploaded maybe 15-20 of the 100 pictures she took on the trip (nearing 400 for the entire time she's been away, so far) and I'm sharing a few with you.  First awesome thing, in my opinion, is the weather.  I'm sure that view from the keep is gorgeous even in the rain, but that one takes my breath away.  There she is with the Northstar Mittens at The Pharos -- I feel completely idiotic (and I don't care) that I find it so thrilling to see my mittens there!  And sheep on the cliffs of Dover!!

Dsc03164This is a ceiling in Canterbury Cathedral.  Amazazing.  This one actually makes my neck hurt!

My weekend wasn't nearly so scenic.  We're preparing for a little remodeling project and I did some preparatory cleaning, with a teensy trip down Memory Lane as some of it involved going through some of the girls' saved school stuff.  I threw out lots, saved a little, laughed a lot.  There's much more of that to go through, though, as I saved everything from spelling tests and math quizzes to monthly newsletters and workbooks.  Now, the accumulation phase has pretty much ended and with the knowledge gained over the passage of time (I've never been inclined even once to see what was news in the spring of *anyone's* third grade year), I can be more ruthless than I once was, and I am able to save just artwork (the good stuff) and journals, possibly a particularly interesting report or project, and report cards; even so, there was a bit of wistfulness and I had one of the girls haul the bag to the trash.  The path to the attic is more clear.

Typepad is being weird, so I better get this up.  I've been working on Shirley Shrugs; found the yarn (Better Pal stuff!) that eluded me a couple of weeks ago; and I have a finished pair of Jaywalkers to show you tomorrow.  Woo.



OMG, you're making me cry. I have a picture of Dover Castle almost identical to that one in my guest room. Did she go to the "Q" exhibit in the basement of the castle? The character "Q" in the James Bond movies was based on a REAL GUY. It's an awesome exhibit.


Those photos are awesome! What a great opportunity for Katie. I've heard of some people taking digital photos of their kid's artwork and memorabilia. They take up less space and stuff. But I'm not sure it would feel the same, ya know?


It must be an odd feeling going through her "kid" stuff while she's off on an "adult" adventure of a lifetime. Those are great photos!


glad you made it through your Memory Lane Stroll ---- sometimes those can be killers!


I cleaned out my kids' school papers (so far) this fall, and agonized over throwing anything away. Ended up keeping the same kinds of things you did. That seems reassuring, doesn't it? We did the right thing, didn't we?


Katie looks so happy! What a great experience for her...and I COMPLETELY understand why you are thrilled to see the mittens there, too. :)


Katies photos are great, I love that view, looking out to sea

kathy b

What a treat to share your Kate's incredible photos. She looks HAPPY!

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