B is for...

Red are strawberries

RedscarfbuttonRedder than red roses
La la lalala
Redder than my scarf
Red are strawberries
Redder than red roses
Green the leaves are growing*

I found a skein of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky, plus the remainders of another, in a nice maroon and Norma said that I could definitely use it for my contribution to the Red Scarf Project.  I tried to find a pattern on Monday night, but I was watching 24 and it was gripping, demanding my full attention, and I could not concentrate on anything!  There are 20 more hours in the next few months, for sure, that I will not be knitting -- you can take bets!  Anyway, Norma mentioned, and I'd noticed, that there were a lot of lacy red scarves being knit and she was concerned about the boys, so I'm knitting a narrow "boy scarf" in mistake rib.

Hey, I got a QuitNet email with numbers today:  306+ days, 6126 cigarettes not smoked, 1-1/2+ months of lifetime (on life support -- or not) saved, $1071 saved.  Yeah, baby, I'm okay with being a turkey among turkeys.

As announced yesterday, my event for the Harlot Olympics -- oooh, that might not be the best nickname, hm? -- I mean The 2006 Knitting Olympics (eh, TKO just doesn't have the oomph) is Williamsro.  I started this sweater a LONG time ago -- I bought the yarn shortly after my quit date, before the funds saved from smoking really equalled such a purchase (I rewarded myself early and often!), but the Cash Iroha was on sale and I just had to. This little splurge was to eventually become a symbol of my success -- why wear it on my sleeve when I can simply wear it?  I had a hell of a time finding the right color of Blossom -- the search even took me to New York City -- but I eventually scored on ebay.  I completed the sleeve/swatches and thought I was on target, so cast on and knit most of the back. It became apparent that it was not going to be the comfortable, maybe even roomy sweater I was after -- gauge was totally off!  So I ripped the back and stuffed the doomed sleeves into a bag and there it's been for quite a while now.  My training over the next few weeks will be concentrated on the ripping, winding, and recalculating.  An entire sweater in two weeks may seem daunting, but Mary Beth just knit this very same sweater in that timeframe, and she wasn't even competing -- she did it because it was FUN!  It wasn't 'til after I'd already thrown my hat into the burning ring of circular knitting needles that I realized I'd made plans to attend the WPT Garden Expo in Madison on opening weekend (my sister will be an exhibitor), also visiting with sisters and babies...  but I'm good.  I'll just have to train hard and concentrate.

Lastly, please give a nice blogland welcome to Chelle.  She's no stranger among us, but we may not recognize her wearing that shiny, new blog!  Now I'm off to shoot my Bs...

*The twins and I used to sing that to our little sister from our beds at night in a round.  I don't know where we learned it, or who wrote it, or whether it's part of a more substantial song, but it's awfully pretty and, apparently, very soothing.  An even bigger favorite was Today -- we can all sing it as if it were only last night.  We all remember the words to our elementary school song, too; I don't know what that says about us.  ; )



I've been eyeing Williamsro for some time. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.


Of course you can finish a sweater in that time frame!


Williamsro is going to be wonderful - and oh so significant! I can't wait to watch you knit it up and wear it proudly! YAY ON QUITTING! HERES TO THE BEST ONE AND A HALF MONTHS OF YOUR LIFE!




La is going to attempt a sweater in 2 weeks as well. So far the only sweater she's done is sneaking up on it's one year anniversary as a UFO. I'd love to be there cheering you on during the games but I'll be crying into my fair isle. GO USA!


Williamsro looks like a good choice. And as for the 360+ days, didn't we all tell you you could do it? Rock on, Vicki!


That is one kickass announcement, 306 + days!!!!


Congratulations on 306+ days of being a nonsmoker! I was thinking of knitting the child's Williamsro for the Knitting Olympics, but I'm not even sure I can get that much knitting done in 16 days, so you go girl!


Williamsro is lovely. I like that designer really well. And you're right,there seeem to be a lot of lacy red scarves out there. I 'm making the Irish Hunting Scarf that can be used for a guy.


I can't wait to see how Williamsro turns out. I keep looking at that pattern. I joined the olympics too, but I don't have much hope I will medal....

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