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Rip & wind weekend


What do you think might happen if you had a beverage called a "Snakebite" (a combo of lager and cider) -- preceded by one or two Strongbows and followed by a Smirnoff and intermingled with a Chinese buffet and karaoke?  There's a young, international studies student in London who can tell you that she "...became for the first time actually DRUNK" and, a little later, kinda sick.  My daughter tells me that the staff at the house where she's staying "...loves when the Wisconsin groups come because 'we know how to party'."  Look what happens when they leave you!!!

Uscableteam_1 EddiejumpingenjoyI've found my team -- did you know there were teams?  Jenifleur has provided some great buttons.  She is on the Fair Isle Team and is making that gorgeous Fair Isle Bag from Summer '04 Interweave Knits -- I forgot how much I like that bag (thanks for the reminder!).  I love these Olympics and all the fun and buzz it's generated.  Margene has her Tribute to Eddie The Eagle (I remember Eddie!). I wonder who's going to adopt the Jamaican Bobsled Team.  ; )

I'm kind of stalled in the middle of the street, dodging cars; progress has been
s-l-o-w on the Petrified Jaywalkers, though I have worked on them a little this week.  The Red Scarf was completed last night, so the Jaywalkers ought to see more action over the weekend.  And Shirley Shrugs... oh, I had pangs as I read Celia's post about her failing the Olympics Trials (aka, Christmas knitting) and, combined with the echo of Mom's recent query about my progress on her gift, they hurt -- like a snakebite!!  Am I worthy of participation in the Olympics?  I will do what I must do, and train hard; my regimen shall include nothing but Jaywalkers, Shirley Shrugs, and Williamsro prep from now 'til Opening Ceremonies!

I'm not finished yet with the bowls.  It was very interesting to gather one of my collections in one place for the sole purpose of photographing it – something I’d never have done if it weren't for the ABC-Along.  I viewed these things that I look at and use everyday in an entirely different way – I handled each and every one, I arranged them differently (dare I say even artfully?) and I'm tickled that there's this unexpected, small sense of discovery in this endeavor.  I enjoy thinking about the letters to come and how I will represent.  To borrow a line from Cara that made me laugh out loud this week, "Let's look a few more pictures, shall we?" (when would we ever say to no her pictures?).

Dsc06349 Dsc06369 Dsc06368 Dsc06367

Lastly, I read a blog called Rebecca's Pocket.  Wondering about blogging?  She wrote the book.  She's doing a series of interviews called  Bloggers on Blogging.  I really enjoyed the most recent interview with David Weinburger.  The questions and answers are very interesting; and I like the perspective of a non-knit-blogger.  Blogging and blogging issues and blogging etiquette (among them reading, commenting, emailing, responding as Cara posted about today) seem to be a recurring theme across the blogosphere and they won't be getting any easier.

Oh, and Happy 21st Anniversary to hubby & me!



Oh, happy 21st! Have a wonderful day.


Happy anniversary!!! Does Lisa Lloyd's Cable Moss Vest count for the USA Cable Team? That's what I'm knitting.


happy happy happy anniversary! I'm signed up for the fair isle team. Yeah. Like I need another challenge these days!

Love you! Loved talking with you yesterday! Let me know when we can chat again!

Mary in Boston

Happy Anniversary! May you have 21 more years (and beyond) of happiness!

And thank you for more pics of the bowls. They are so wonderful.

LOL, about the "young, international studies student in London" bit. Heh. At least she told you.

I had to see the pic of daughter with drink in hand and hugging the bartender before I found out!


Snakebite hangover OUCH! I remember those.
Happy 21st anniversary to you both.
Your bowl pictures are all so pretty.


Happy 21st!

I loved the bowls too.


Happy anniversary. Wishing you many more happy years together.
Snakebite was banned at our local pubs when I was a student ! They get you really drunk,and disorderly !
She's just doing what she's supposed to,and a lot of us did. ;-]


I remember when my parents had their 21st anniversary. My father bought my mother a very nice ring (when he had failed to do anything special for their 20th) because their marriage was old enough to drink by itself.

Blogging etiquette? Um...well...crap. I didn't know there were rules! Sheeeesh!


Happy Anniversary to you and your honey! John and I will hit the 20th mark this year - egads! now listen, I have read every single syllable of this entry (cara has got me friggin paranoid!!) and am not completely sure what team you've joined .... it is the fair isle bag? love it, don't know how I missed it in the mag.


Just be glad it wasn't snakebite and black (i.e. with blackcurrant cordial mixed in). If you get 'kinda sick' after drinking snakebite and black, it's far messier. And stains.


Happy anniverary! Nice to hear that your daughter is enjoying the simple student life of an English student ;) I hope her head wasn't too bad the next day.


Looks like your little girl's growing up!
Happy Anniversary! What is the 21st anyway? Bowls, perhaps?

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