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Ain't no sunshine

Dsc00807The weatherman was hopeful that we'd see some sun today -- we haven't seen hide nor hair since before Christmas -- but it doesn't seem to be happening.

Ta-da!  I'll tell you what, it is very refreshing and quite nice to go traipsing through the archives.  I'll dig up my own sunshine.

I'm not entirely sick of winter yet; we hardly have any snow and also haven't endured the bitter cold snap that really makes one yearn for spring.

Soon the boat shows will start, the RV and camping expos -- I'm considering attending the garden show in Madison in about a month.

Spring will come.



I have sun today! It has been a looong time. I feel like a vampire; it really is blinding when you haven't seen it in so long. However, it also means the temperatures dipped down really low. This is very unfair but this is how it works in winter.


Gray skies here in Southeastern Mass. It's not January that's so bad. It's March that I absolutely dread.


We have had the warmest Christmas season in 50 years. There has been no snow in the valley. But we did have gray skies, rain and wind for about two weeks and that wasn't much fun. The sun came out yesterday and is still here today! Now we'll be able to stand the storm that's coming tomorrow. Hope you have some true blue in your skies soon!


awww...you said my magic word: "Madison"
Oh how I miss Madison. I thought I hated the winters there...until I spending one in upstate NY smack dab in the middle of the lake effect snow belt (uck!)
SNOW is *the* four letter word you know :)


Come visit here. Feels damn cold to me! How's the nose?


I don't want to say too much, but we haven't yet endured the stretch of extreme cold that we normally get in January (it is of course, only January 5th, so plenty of time...)


We've had nothing but weeks of pouring down rain and weeks more of it to come. :(

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