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Two mismatched but very closely related Jaywalkers.  The first is about an inch longer in the leg than the second, and while they're both in Socks That Rock "Petrified Wood," the color intensity in the hanks is slightly different (the longer sock is much darker).  I cast on and nearly finished the ribbing for the mate of the shorter sock last night.  I'd like to zip through and move on...  Shirley Shrugs is waiting (Mom is ever so patient), I'd like to do a quick scarf, find the yarn I was looking for on Sunday for another project...

Dsc06316Yes, "mom," my feet are on the kitchen counter.  Old house kitchen = high ceiling.  The view is slightly different from way up here!  Katie's wearing her new $7-on-clearance cashmere scarf and the necklace she made from my vintage button collection -- and look at her hair!  I wish I could just twist and clip and pin and be that cute.  Madeleine's hair keeps changing color -- she dyed it, twice, and it's been interesting to watch.  Ali tried to dye mine the other day and it just refuses to really change much.

Oh, oh, oh!  Hubby went to a meeting the other night that was also a pot-luck dinner.  I don't think he took anything real exciting, but, wow, he sure brought home some great left-overs!  (I'm definitely going to have to nudge my way to that table!)  For lunch yesterday, I had Pumpkin Lasagna.  I have not yet requested the recipe, but I most certainly will and I will share it if I can.  I have searched the internets and have found similar, but not quite (some with spinach and/or chard and/or tomatoes and/or sweet potatoes and/or meat).  It was so different -- Mom told me about the Butternut Squash Ravioli she recently had at a restaurant and that it was sweet, and DH had JUST made pumpkin pies, and I have my own favorite lasagna recipe in which I can't quite imagine pumpkin as an ingredient -- it wasn't sweet at all, it was even a little peppery.  Oh, so good!

That's all I've got.



Jaywalkers, even mismatched Petrified jaywalkers - look FABULOUS! Pumpkin lasagna sounds strangely appetizing.

Be careful up there!


The difference is ever so slight. The color looks great witht the pattern, too.


I like pumpkin anything so why not lasagna? Hope you can share the recipe!


Awesome jaywalkers!

Pumpkin lasagne...I'm intrigued.


The Petrified Wood Jaywalkers look really good to me - there's not much difference showing, at least not in the photo. Do you have enough yarn to make a 3rd sock with the 2 skeins? Chelle


Pumpkin or butternut squash risotto is also very yummy, I'm just sayin!

Love your socks! I started to Jaywalke but I need to get better yarn for that fabulous pattern.

The girls look so cute. It's like looking into the future and seeing my own little one all grown up!

Are you going red with your hair too? I have a fabulous natural henna "recipe" if you feel brave!

Although... we've both done our part to populate the world with little redheads, haven't we?! Hee!


hey, I have a bone to pick with you. I just came over here from Cara's.

it was okay with me when you made Ali your A, I mean it's to be expected.....but then I read some shit that if it weren't for Ali, your A would have been artichokes too??


A nn


You may want to try this recipe, it's good!



Your socks look fabulous, the pumpkin lasagne sound very interesting.
I am sure Katie is going to have a fabulous time in europe, you are just doing what mothers do, cluck, cluck!


Ooh - ooh - ooh - my future SIL made a pumpkin lasagna at christmas and it was a new recipe from Family Circle! Or Better Homes and Garden, but it was one of those!

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