Rip & wind weekend

Dsc02909Dsc02945When not studying or singing karaoke, the girl is seeing the sights, having her picture taken with phone booths (I'm humored that the person in the booth behind her also appears to be having a picture taken rather than using the phone), doing some shopping, and taking walks in the park.

I'm wishing for feel-o-vision right now -- I've love to get my hands on that cute little bag -- it appears to be made of little felted balls that are all glommed together somehow.  That's her new phone for scale.

Dsc02892Dsc02933The more pictures she sends, the more I want to go.  Workin' on it.  I love the light in the park picture and that sunset.  Wow.  My girl's a sky-watcher, too.

I spent most of Saturday at home and did some training for International Pajama Day (the next celebration is slated for February 5th!).  Maddy needed my driving services later in the day, and while she and a friend shopped the import store, I ran up to the LYS for a pair of needles so I could commence the Olympic training.

Oh, but before that could begin, I had to rip the offending work and wind it all up.  It's a big, big, BIG pain the ass to rip and wind yarn that is 'held double throughout.'  I did not want to re-wind it doubled, I wanted it separate; it went pretty well, though I did have to enlist help once.  I was dreading ripping the Blossom, but it came out okay!

In the fresh start spirit, I re-copied the pattern on Sunday -- in color and on nice paper -- and also made a motivational page with Mary Beth's helpful information regarding this sweater.  In an unusual training maneuver, I made two swatches during football yesterday -- BIG swatches -- one in stockinette and one in the cable pattern.  Next, I've got to sharpen my pencil and warm up the calculator...

While I was doing all that ripping, separating, winding and swatching, the Luna Shawlette was having a Eucalan bath -- I kind of forgot about it, so it was a good, long soak!  There was a little bleeding of dye, but not bad.  It ought to be dry and ready for unpinning when I get home tonight -- I believe I did get about four inches in length when I pinned it, but will have to see how much it might bounce back.

And in between all that, I worked on the Jaywalker -- I've knit the heel flap, turned the heel and started the gusset.  That's simple enough work that I ought to be able to do it while watching 24 tonight...



Love your blog - your St. Brigid is to die for! Gorgeous!!!!!


Your daughter is doing a great job of tantalizing us :-)


What a cool little bag! Two Old Bags has some patterns using felted balls here:
and here:

If those urls don't work, look for the Rebecca Bag and Wooly Embellishments from Two Old Bags.


Oh my! That bag is simply adorable! Want one!


Ah, London.


I am dying for that bag! What fun!


I've been meaning to tell you that your daughter will have a wonderful time in Europe and you can relax about the anxiety! My sister and I left for Switzerland in fall 1967, at the time my father was working in Nigeria and my mother and three younger siblings were still stranded in WI due to a civil war in Nigeria. Suffice it to say that the entire family survived the two year experience, traveled over 3 continents and never once made an international phone call. In addition, when my eldest graduated from high school she and a girlfriend left for Mexico and spent four weeks traveling from one coast to the other. My husband, I and our 14 year old lived in Spain last year. We saw lots and lots of young tourists and students, having a great time. Best advice for the traveling son/daughter--don't get drunk! When drunk, you never know what can happen in a foreign country!


Howdy, Miss Vicki. It's been way too much reading without commenting so I thought I'd best let you know I'm still a fan.

I love the bag too. But after making dozens of felted kitty balls (I kid you not...that's the pattern name) my hands were so stained and soggy and pruney. Whoever made the purse (and I'm assuming here that it's handmade) is probably prunier than I was, even if it's a one-of-a-kind!

Still, if you want to have a go at it, I could probably bring myself to felt you a dozen or so 1/2-3/4" felt's a start! I have really bright corriedale roving already dyed up...

Sending mommy-missing-daughter hugs to you. My Kate has been gone (off to Okinawa) since 22 July. She'll be home 5Feb for almost 6 weeks. Her hubby is in Afghanistan until late July, so we may see her more than once. And there's always the remote possibility that I could scrounge up several thousand bucks in change to go back with her...or not.

I'm in the Knitting Olympics this year too. I'm going to be knitting lace with my own handspun. Any advice, oh wise one? I think I may start my training by frogging back the Branching Out to the point where I boffed it and following the directions this time.

:::back to lurking again:::



How nice that you're going to celebrate MY birthday with an International Pajama Day! I can't participate since it falls on a Sunday which is a busy day with Sunday School, church, choir practice and evening service. The day before won't work either since I have to work. Ditto the day after. Guess I'll have to figure out some other way to celebrate my birthday.


That is a very cute bag, don't fancy making that many felt balls though!


Hello, It's Pamela here (Celia's friend) de-lurking to share with you my 'ripping two yarns held together' experience. I was knitting in the round, so I put the circle of knitting on my swift, wound a little ball of each yarn from the ripping, held a ball in each hand, and as I wound the balls, it pulled on the swift and ripped the circle. Can you picture that? I had to wind two balls of yarn simutaneously, one in each hand, which was a lot like patting your head and rubbing your stomach (which is one of my super-powers), but I got it done in about 20 minutes. If your piece is too small for the swift, or knit flat, you could attach it to a doorknob or something.

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