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Diagnosis: dust

UPDATE:  Because it's my day off and no one around here really needs clean clothes and because there are certain things that can be done even on a lame-o computer and because Carole mentioned something about Boston Olympians blogging, I've created an entirely new list on my sidebar which deals exclusively with Harlot Olympics stuff.  I've found other blogs, lifted other buttons (they are SO me and mine)... tell me more!!   /update

On Friday morning, Maddy tried to "wake up" our main computer.  It beeped at her, and it continued with long, slow beeping even after I tried to turn it on and off a couple of times.  My heart sunk to my toes at the same time as my brain pushed against my skull and my blood began to boil.  This computer is barely over a year old!  I know this sound and it isn't good!  <Insert a few words/sentiments of your choice.  It can go on and on.>

DH had an all-day commitment, but thought he might have a little window of free time in the middle of the day -- enough time, say, to run the sick computer to the Geek Squad.  That's exactly what he did and when the consulting geek plugged in our computer, it fired right up with nary a beep, no problem at all.  He opened up the case and asked, "Do you have a dog?"  Well, yes we do, and three cats to boot!  Our computer sits under a desk, is elevated off the floor, and is somewhat protected in the rear, but these babies suck air to keep cool and dust is a killer.

All this is to say, we left the computer for a diagnostic check-up and it hasn't come home yet.  I'm hopeful that we'll get it back today.

I will leave you with a link to Wild Tiles & Wild Textiles.  Yvette brought this to my attention and now I'm dreaming.  I'm dreaming of a mosaic art workshop weekend in SCOTLAND!  Oh, wouldn't that be cool?  Would I be as enamored if it was someplace else?  That meme I did the other day and the question about what I'd do if money were no object?  I'd bring Christine (this would take care of a couple of things in your list, too!) and Elizabeth with me, and anyone else who wanted to come, and we'd meet Yvette and have ourselves some fun.  I'll bet we could find a little wool around there, too.

Oh, by the way, did you know that SOCK TEAM USA has their own BLOG?



Hope the computer is back home where she belongs very soon.
We at Team Boston have our own blog, too. http://www.obsessiondujour.typepad.com/teamboston/


Wishing your computer well!!!


Oh my! I love the Team Cheese one!

Mary in Boston

I'm going for the Team Chocolate. I have great skills there.

Have been really enjoying your daughter's pictures of England. How nice to see she's having such a great time. Because of her pictures, I'm trying to talk my daughter into sending me some pics during her sojourn in Thailand. Don't know if that will happen, but would be nice.

Hope the 'puter is fixed soon.

(Oh, and I LOVE the Jaywalkers. too cool)


GO TEAM BOSTON! GO TEAM CHEESE! (How's that taste on a bagel?)


You bet I'd go to Scotland! In fact, since you gave me that link my little project brain has been firing up ideas and the sketch pad has come out. I even went to the Thrift Store for a browse for plates - I came back with a Dale of Norway sweater for dh instead!


Consider me for the Scotland trip, please! If not this year, maybe next? Mr. Celia wants to go there to play golf - which couldn't be more boring, in my opinion - but add in a Wild Tiles and Wild Textiles workshop, now that I would do.


I stole your idea, got some new buttons for the Olympics, and put a new typelist on my sidebar - you're brilliant! Also thanks for the link to the buttons!

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