Getting the monkey off my back
It's only words

Eventually, there'll be honey -- right?

Yoga was GREAT last night!  I never went on Wednesday night before and, even though it's a beginner class (I assumed it was just like Monday & Friday -- same teacher, too), it was completely different.  Maybe a fluke.  Some of it's torture, but it's so good.  ; )

I was minding my own bees' wax last night, totally grooving to most of the Grammy Awards (I thought it was a pretty good show, for the most part -- Mary J. Blige sang the pants off of Bono, huh?) when all of a sudden, I started getting punched in the gut.

Shirley Shrugs is finally to a point where it can kinda/sorta be tried on, and so I did.  It has a freakin' gorilla arm.  The placement of the short rows looks good on paper, the beautiful rounded shoulder they made looks wonderful, but it's totally in the wrong place -- it should have been worked at least one repeat earlier and, in all honesty, probably two.

Then there were two phone calls; one received, one made, neither was good news.  Family stuff.  A couple more early morning punches sent me reeling out the door and I'm not recovering well today.

Tomorrow, we're off to Madison where I'll be occupied most of the weekend with knitting and/or my gorgeous, happy nephew.  Look for me back on Monday, perhaps.  I hope you all have a great weekend and I'll most certainly be thinking of my fellow Olympians!  Break a leg, y'all.



Sending good thoughts your way. Get a good start on your Olympic knitting, too!


Hey Vicki, Hope everything is resolved quickly and everyone is okay. I'm thinking about ya!

Amy Lu

I hope all goes well for you this weekend. At least you have your knitting to take the edge off. Well, that and your handsome little nephew!

Mary in Boston

Sending hugs your way, Vicki. Hope all works out okay.


i hope all is ok.


hope it all works out Vicki! sending good thoughts your way


Oh Vicki. I hope everything is okay. Hang in there and give that Big Mac a kiss from me.


I hope, right now, you're cuddling that boy and he's making all the bad stuff seem far, far away!

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