Let's do it again
I just about choked on my toast!

Hello? London calling!

Haha!  I've got to tell you, my front door looks 10 times better in that photo yesterday than it does in real life!  I couldn't have asked for better light.  I make no bones about the fact that I love my house, for a lot of reasons, but there's something about it in pictures -- lighting, framing, editing -- that even makes me think, "I want to live there!"  Oh, heh, I do; I have for almost 19 years!  In pictures, you don't see the dust critters, can't hear the floorboards creak, and the mountain of laundry is ignored.  I'm not kidding.  The kids will wash the clothes and dry the clothes, but they apparently draw the line at folding the clothes... there are stacked laundry baskets just outside the laundry room door.  I had to dive for underwear this morning!

AlhdtKaty, this one's for you.  That's Ali looking as if she's ready to take your order.  She's actually talking to Katie in London using my nifty new makes-me-feel-like-a-telemarketer headset and Skype, making for a darn cheap phone call using the internets.  Cheap, but not free, and they talked so long last night that they got disconnected because the money ran out.  ; )  Jan told me about Skype a few weeks ago and it's been working out very well. If Katie had her own laptop/computer and a headset of her own over there, we could actually be talking for free.  Free!  As it is, it's less than 2 cents per minute.  Once or twice, we've had a bad connection and Katie told me I sounded like Darth Vader, but mostly it sounds better than a land-line.  I Skyped Cara a few weeks ago, too!  I'm sure it wasn't anything like talking to Ann -- Cara's right when she says that Ann does the best phone -- I really don't do phone very well.  I never have.  I had a girlfriend in high school who would call me up and then just sit there and wait for me to entertain her, I guess.  I just hated that and it was torture trying to nicely extricate myself from the phone call (I never wanted to hurt anyone's feelings -- "I don't want to talk to you if you don't have anything to say," is what I really wanted to say) and I think it's had a lifelong affect on my "phone."

Dsc06637 Dsc06638

Williamsro, up-to-the-minute update.  The color representation is really good here.  I am very proud of my side seam on the reverse stockinette -- that's not my favorite to do.  I ran some yarn in a contrasting color to help me keep on track of the rows and top/bottom loops on each side and it worked like a charm.  I still have the sleeve seams to do, but picked up and knit a few rows of the bottom edging last night while watching figure skating.  I'm very disgruntled at both Netscape and AOL for giving me the news before I wanted it; MSN was forthright in announcing that the results were in, but left it up to me as to whether I wanted to click and find out.  Grump.  So I knew that Sasha Cohen didn't win, but had to watch; she's such a beautiful skater.

Hubby and I have been invited to a farm for dinner tonight.  I am so excited that I'm even giving up yoga.  The farm has sheep and the farmer's wife uses their wool to make things and she has a fiber room; she's also the person who made that marvelous pumpkin lasagna that I went on and on about a while back.  Oh, I can't wait.  I will be bringing Williamsro because there's still plenty to do and, heh, I think she'll understand.  Woo.

As predicted, my sister took the Olympic challenge, too.  She has been quilting quite diligently on her Grandmother's Garden block.  I told her, though, that she must send me pictures and if I don't get pictures, she will be disqualified and out of medal contention.  I'm kind of a committee of one (it's an Olympics for one!) and it's gone to my head -- in a good way.  We're both having a lot of fun with these challenges (oh, I should have challenged her more!).



Oh my god it's more gorgeous than I even imagined!!!! I'm SO HAPPY for you! I can't wait to see it DONE!


People are funny on the phone, aren't they? I think we all know of some that expect you to carry the conversion, and not even just on the phone! And those that expect YOU to be the one to call all the time. Those are the people that eventually get dropped from the list, if you know what I meam. It's a two-way street.
Can't wait to see that sweater on your back!
Have a very nice time down on the farm.


My cousin told me about Skype. I want to use it to keep in touch with the husband and young one when I'm in Iceland. Glad to hear it works!

The sweater is beautiful, can't wait to see the finished product.


I recently heard about Skype at a library conference thingy I was at. It's cool that you guys are using it - you're on the leading bleeding edge of technology here.
Williamsro looks awesome and I hope you have a wonderful time at dinner tonight. Think she'd mind if you took pictures of her fiber?
And I'm not much of a phone person, either, so I totally get where you're coming from. I'll have to talk to Ann on the phone and see if she can convert me!


A farm, fiber room and great food? you better pinch yourself ...... and don't forget your camera!


Your Williamsro is looking great, can't wait to see it finished.


I'll check back after closing ceremonies - you're going to finish!


I'm not that much of a phone person, either. Although I have been known to have four-hour-long conversations...mostly because I also can't graciously extricate myself. Then again, sometimes I can actually be the initiator and not want the OTHER person to hang up. Call me schizo, I guess.

It's not lasagne, but the mere mention of pumpkin has made me crave pumpkin pie. It's not even the right "season"! What's up with that?


I'm so glad the Skype is working out for you and that you mentioned it in your post. (Still on my *to post* list.) It's a great service...free!!...we love it and have saved LOADS on calls to Japan.
I've been drooling over the sweater shots. GORGEOUS!!


Count me in as one of the "not a phone person" folks. Although I do talk to my sister every day. I do love the headset! It's very "Julie the Time-Life Operator"
I think I'm dating myself by even remembering that commercial!

Williamsro is looking soo beautiful! We'll all be cheering you across the finish line!


I'm finally catching up on all my blog reading - I am so glad the KO is over!

So tell me - when you were told that you sounded like Darth Vader did you say, "Katie, I am your mother"?

(I'm guessing she's your daughter - I only just started reading you and I'm easily confused so if she's not I apologize now and boy did I just kill the humor of that statement or what?)

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