Hello? London calling!
What do you think...

I just about choked on my toast!

I'm minding my own business, eating a mushroom omelette with toast this morning, and contemplating the day's Olympic knitting schedule, when I turned the page in the newspaper and read some of the most important "news" I've come across in weeks.  (I'm so out of the loop, it just isn't funny, so it's quite possible that this is news only to me.  It's also quite possible that no one else cares, though I just really can't imagine!)  At any rate, I have an important announcement.  As of right now, I country rock's #1 fan.  Hot damn and yeehaw, that red cowboy hat I got at Christmas must have been a sign... John Corbett has switched gears and is singin' country -- with his own band and everything!  All six feet five cute inches is gonna be in the 'hood (considering most of the state of Wisconsin as "the 'hood") at Country Fest this summer.  I haven't yet heard a single note, but I don't think I need to.  ; )

Dsc06640 Oh, I just listened (there and on AOL; video, too. Huh?  Bo Derek is his girlfriend?).  ; )  Time to reprogram a couple of the car radio buttons...  Good To Go!

In other news...  Christine found the coolest, yellow, vintage knitting needles -- they match her yarn!  Go see, and while you're there, make up a story and enter Christine's Conflagration Contest (her first-ever!) -- the deadline is noon on Monday!

I ought to have a completed sweater to post tomorrow, but for now, please enjoy yesterday morning's sky.  I'm very happy with the lengthening of days.  Soon it will be March, then April, then May, and then SUMMER!



I'm not much of a country music fan *at all*...but John Corbett = eye candy ;)

I'm also counting down days to summer. Not only an end to heating season, but with moving into our new home, and all the landscaping that needs doing...I'm planning flower beds, veggies, trees and such in my head!


I have lusted, er..um.....loved John Corbett ever since his Northern Exposure days. I still miss that show! Is he really dating Bo Derek? Isn't she elderly by now?
LOVE that beautiful sky! Can't wait to see your sweater!


country and john corbett all rolled into one? almost as good as my northern exposure dvds ;-) thanks for the head's up!


John's CD is out and is awesome!! Life is good. Oh so good. :)

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