Eventually, there'll be honey -- right?
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It's only words

My daughter wrote "arse" in an email the other day, and used the phrase "a couple quid."  She also wrote "loo" in an IM to her sister -- as in, "I was comin' out of the loo when..."  She had a not-so-good day yesterday, as, well, we all do and I can definitely relate and I'd think that maybe there was something in the water except that her water source is way far away from mine.  Maybe the answer is blowing in the wind.  At any rate, she just called to tell me that she's really fine and everything is good.  She said, "Have a nice weekend in Madison" to which my only reply could only be, "Have a great weekend in Wales."

Wales.  Arse.  Loo.  Quid.  Makes me giddy.

Also checking in (because we're actually not leaving 'til noon or so) to say that the bees aren't making honey yet, but a couple of things have righted themselves.  The two family phone calls had to do with each other and I won't go into details, but it wasn't pretty, ended in a hang-up, and I got stuck wearing the black and white shirt and holding a whistle.  It really, really, really sucks being the eldest sometimes, especially one with strong maternal instincts, one that can pretty much see every side of the story and can and will defend to the end -- get prickly, even (big surprise) -- one that is always there with ears, a shoulder, and some Kleenex.  Well, I'd say there was some growth yesterday, as the hanger-upper actually called the hanger-uppee and no one hung up; things are much improved between them.  Happy.

As for Shirley Shrugs -- I pulled out the needle yesterday, fully intending to rip it back a few repeats.  A tried it on, modeled it in the bathroom mirror, adjusted, spun around, held out my arm, looked at it from front and back and sideways, spun around some more and still couldn't quite figure out what I should do or how it was really going to sit and fit in the end.  I consulted with Ali, fashionista de casa, who suggested that very long sleeves on an article such as this would be desirable.  I decided to put it all back on the needle without ripping out anything and just carry on to the other side.  I reason that Mom likes things that are big -- very big, sometimes too big for me, even, but she manages to look uber stylish -- and to roll up her sleeves.  I don't know what kind of stretch or lengthening might happen in the wearing of this thing over time, either.  The worse that could happen is that I'd have to snip and rip back and fix from the cuffs.  If it comes to that, because I'm generally a cup-half-full kind of person, I look at it as an opportunity to learn a new skill.  (Remind me of that if and when this happens.)



Glad there's a little honey in your life. I made a couple of Olympic buttons if you want to take a look at today's post.


I hear ya about being the referee! When times like that roll around, I'm very glad I have a small family.
My hubby on the other hand, often plays that role in his family, and he's one of 11 siblings. I'm sure you can imagine!!

Have a great weekend playing with Mack! I'm sure we'll be treated to pics upon your return!


I understand the "strong mothering instinct" even when it pertains to siblings. I'm in the same boat (oldest) and suffer the same affliction (see all sides and try to make things fair and right)

lastly, enjoy Mack, and *swoon*, have fun in Madison, visit Lakeside Fibers and think of me!


Oh my...as the oldest of SEVEN I can feel your pain! Good luck with the shrug!


Vicki, you go off and having a relaxing weekend, will you? Sounds like you are the sweet maternal peacemaker in your family. That's a tough role to play. But it sounds like there's been some peacemaking going on, so that's always a good thing. I'm glad your girl is enjoying Wales over the weekend. Must be nice. I'm envying her, you know. Chelle


Have a fun weekend with Mack and your sister, here's hoping you don't need to learn how to snip and rip back that shrug.


She's speaking my language!


Smart of you to do the sleeves first and get them over with. Very good idea. Looks good to me. Chelle

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