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Olympic snuggling

Dsc06520Best dressed bear -- the bastardization of Miss Dashwood on his noggin', Opptuna keeping his back and belly warm, and my most favorite booties covering his tootsies.  We smacked that hat on Mack's head, too, but it may have been for the very last time.  It was great to see him!  He's going to be crawling any minute!  He's so happy, and even though he's cutting teeth on the top, I don't think I heard much more than a whimper the whole time we were there.

Dsc06550The Garden Expo was fab and my sister did well.  Lots of great booths and vendors, including a huge booth (double-size or maybe even triple) that was devoted to mosaics.  I put my blinders on the first time we went past, but I was sucked in big time the second and the young girl who helped me was so enthusiastic and sweet.  I bought a hand-, wrist-, arm-saving "tile" cutter.  Besides having one sister who lives in Madison and another who lives close, Katie will be going to school there next fall, so I think I'll have opportunity to check out the mosaic supply store, too.

I'm not really happy with that first sleeve of Williamsro -- the second one is so much nicer.  The first was done in the car and I should have slammed on the brakes a way long time ago.  Maybe I'll have time to re-do it before closing ceremonies.  I'll work tonight while watching the pairs skate.  So sad about Michelle Kwan having to withdraw -- it's hard to imagine women's figure skating without her.



I'm glad you had fun. Save the ripping and re-knitting of the sleeve for IF you have time.


So glad the weekend was good! You deserve it! I'm with Carole - don't worry about the sleeve until the end. You're doing GREAT!!!


I am sad about Michelle Kwan too. I hope that she is known by all that she's done for skating, instead of for not winning that elusive gold.


Sounds like you had fun (geez, can I say I'm jealous, yet again?)


You know, as you were prepping for your visit with Mr. Mac--I was gonna right about Mr. Dashwood...that bear is very well dressed!


can't wait to see the mosiacs you'll churn out with you handy dandy new tool!

ps. I was sad about Michelle Kwan too and when I mentioned it to miss-ice-in-her-veins Cara, she laughed. cold man.


Wait a minute, did you say a mosaic tile supply STORE?


Your sleeve looks pretty perfect to me!

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