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Dsc03365I knit the second sleeve of Williamsro 'til I ran out of yarn, then started on a front.  I am a little concerned about the quantity of Cash Iroha.  I don't recall this being an issue before, and don't know if I'm manufacturing drama (do I really need to be conjuring it out of thin air?) or if I misplaced a hank or if I really might be short on yarn.  So, I knit the first sleeve to a point and the second sleeve to a slightly shorter point; the fronts ought to go fairly quickly -- or, they would if I could keep my head on straight and count rows properly.  I'm fairly confident that things will work out fine, and I do have a little more of the Blossom than required so can maybe fudge a little here and there.

Katie has six required field trips, four of which have a lot to do with Shakespeare.  She also has a Shakespeare class, so she's about had enough with the Shakespeare, not being completely enamored in the first place.  This lovely sheep shot (click for big) was taken on the way to Stratford early last week.



Lovely shot, indeed! GO WILLIAMSRO! Ann was ragging on me yesterday - I didn't knit on my mittens at all and she told me I WOULD NOT WIN! Pacing. I'm pacing myself. ;-)


Great pic of the countryside. Yes, I must admit that for me, too much Shakespeare is too much. Oddly, though, my daughter can't really get enough. I'm more of a Thomas Hardy girl, myself.

Kim/Curlie Girl

I always find Noro yarn a little short on yardage, and it leaves me wondering if I've misplaced a hank or two as well! Love that teddy from your last post!


I also think the new put up of Cash Iroha has less yardage than the old - same price, of course, but under a 100 yards, rather than over 100.


Poor Katie, Shakespeare is no fun if you don't love it, I don't!
I do hope you have enough yarn to finish.


I do love Shakespeare, but I could see getting sick of Bill's work if I had to sit through mega doses of it.

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