Is it crunch time yet?

Red-faced skimmer

Dsc03709I'm a skimmer, he's a skimmer, she's a skimmer, we're a skimmer; wouldn't you like to be a skimmer, too?  ; )

Caught!  I couldn't be more embarrassed.  Well, yes I could, but not on the blog.  Wouldn't you know, I'd get caught on a post about skimmers, too.  Really, it's hilarious; I'm dyin' over here.  But, c'mon, 'fess up, we all do it to some extent.

Dsc03760Not to change the subject or anything, but, Oh, Look!  There's a windmill!  Katie went to the Netherlands and Belgium over the weekend.  The windmill is outside of Volendam, Netherlands, but someday soon we won't have to go that far to see one.  Dutch heritage is rich in these parts -- Little Chute is a nearby, tiny pocket where every other house has a kissing Dutch couple flanking a tiny windmill as garden ornament (the others have Mary in a bathtub) and Van (de) Something-or-Other is a more common surname than Smith or Jones.  One day soon a 10-story windmill will be built in downtown Little Chute and it will really be pretty cool.  The beautiful canal is in Bruges, Belgium.  This weekend, Katie will be "staying home" in London.

This damn sweater.  I'll be unseaming the shoulders and re-doing the back of Williamsro from the neck up today.  The cables front and back are not lining up and I thought I could live with it, but I can't -- and it would definitely not be my personal best.  The neck needs to be wider, too.  I don't know where I went wrong, exactly, but I know what to do to make it right.  I have started to add the contrast to the front, too, but that might also be in jeopardy.  Arrgh.  It's my day off tomorrow and you can bet on what I'll be doing all day!



girlfriend - I for one am glad you skim. Because of you, I was able to enter that contest ---- I know she goes for breakfast on Sundays, but I always skim the name of the place!! :)


Well you skim pretty well - you won my contest :o)

Send your addy and I'll send you your prize :o) Also let me know if you want to be surprised or if I can put what I'm sending you on my blog. Congrats!!


I was fortunate to visit the Netherlands as a teen, and the beauty has stuck with me! Lovely pictures!

You'll lick that sweater into shape today!


Busted! But of course we all skim sometimes. Gorgeous photos from the weekend. Where are they taken again? I must have been skimming. LOL


And what's wrong with the name Smith!? You skim, I skim...we all skim. Aren't we in good company?

Amy Lu

Good luck on the sweater Vicki, I feel your pain! You can do it!


Excuse me, write me an email to tell me what this post is about...I only had time to SKIM!!!! :-DDDDDDD


Oh that was the best laugh I had all day when I read that! Thanks! Happy skimming!


you're not alone - we really do need a button. i'm a big-time skimmer, especially these days when i'm so busy with school and i only get a chance to catch up on blogs once every couple of days. we all do it!


I could never get through all the blogs I read if I didn't skim but don't tell Ann;)

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