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Taking offense

Dsc03552My husband just called out to tell me that the Knitting Olympics have made Time magazine.  Here it is online; or here:  NO IDLE HANDS For the 16-day Knitting Olympics, some 4,000 crafty couch potatoes have set a series of stitching goals they want to reach while watching the Games. Charitable projects include making clothes for U.S. pregnancy centers and for tots in Mongolia.

I take offense to the "crafty couch potato" part.  Big-time.

I was just reading Norma's post and learned that I, too, am probably behind in the ABC-Along.  Darn it.  Need to check my calendar and see if I had any ideas for "D."

The left front of Williamsro is all but finished.  Woo.  It very neatly used up almost exactly two hanks of yarn.  I think I will be safe in the yarn department.  Woo again.

Dsc03557Among the places Katie visited in Wales last weekend was Tintern Abbey.  You don't know how easily I could make this a UK photo blog over the next couple of months...  The pictures -- this place and its surroundings -- nearly bring me to tears.  Maybe it's just me and where I'm at right now and that the sun is shining and the ceiling is the sky and the floor is grass and even without glass, those windows are breathtaking...

It might also be my daughter's sense of humor.  This one is entitled:  Chuck Taylor goes to Tintern Abbey, Wales.  ; )



Wow, Katie's photos are fantastic, I love old buildings like the Abbey.

Lizzy B

Beautiful photos! I have to laugh at your Bob Costas button. He reminds me a lot of Dick Clark! He hasn't aged in many many years! :) I've always enjoyed Costas' broadcasts...


Wonderful pics! I hope you tell Katie how much all of us are enjoying her "adventures" with her and living vicariously through her photos!

Crafty couch potato?? wtf? Hmmph!


girlfriend - don't fight the inner couch potato - embrace her! Mash her and pinch her with butter and salt!


As I told Norma, we have until the end of next week to do the D post. I don't like the couch potato reference either.


You can't hold journalists responsible for being clueless -- really! They're trying to be clever, but really,...yup...clueless. Love the Bob Costas button!!!!

Who knew the ABC thing was going to be HARD, eh?!

Wales is so frickin' awesome.


yeah, I second that motion. I am NOT A COUCH POTATO, or as Dan Quayle would say a COUCH POTATOE!


How would THEY know if we were all couch potatoes or not?
For the ABC thing it isn't twice a's every two weeks. You'll only get to X if you do it twice a month. I had to get a calendar and mark it up to keep things straight...but I still don't have a damn "D"!


Yo, Couch Potato this TIME!
I'm insulted and I'm not even participating in the Knitting Olympics!

Mary in Boston

I really, really, really, want to go to Wales now. Thanks for sharing the pictures your daughter is taking. I haven't been to England for about 5 years and I'm getting the urge to visit again through her travel pics.

Yay for the Williamsro. Can't wait to see the finished product.


Oh, how bittersweet to travel vicariously through one's daughter! Her photos make me want to go to England again. I was there about 17-18 years ago. I also went to Wales, and stayed in B and B's. I was there in October and there was a lot of rain and dreary days. but, it was still lovely. Is your daughter on a semester abroad or travelling with a group of friends? It all makes me want to go back to undergrad school and do a semester abroad.


I too take offense.

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