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Dsc06560I had a snow day yesterday.  This picture was taken at about 10:30 a.m.  We had a fair bit more snow and a lot of blowing afterwards.  In fact, it was a blizzard!  Company's supposed to be coming from up north tonight (sister and nephews x2) and down south tomorrow (sister and nephew x1), so fingers are crossed.

Dsc06573_1Was yesterday Day 6 of the Olympics?  I thought it time for an overall view of the Williamsro field.  At far left, top, are my swatches; they shall be frogged tomorrow in order to supply yarn to finish the partial sleeve (shown on holder) and/or back.  The partial sleeve sits atop the finished sleeve, which is believed to be of appropriate length, but which still has some yarn attached, just in case it could be longer or needs to be shorter.  I think it will be okay.  The yarn remaining from sleeves will be used to finish the back (pictured on needles one yarn cake).  The left front is shown between the sleeves and the back with the two balls of yarn that will be needed to complete the right front.  To the far right are balls of Blossom which will be used for contrast at the bottom of each sleeve, down the fronts, around the collar, and at the bottom of the entire sweater.  I do believe that the Cash Iroha angst the other day was justified and I feel that I'll be just squeaking by.

Dsc06576My course of action will be to knit the right front next.  I think that's what I intended to start on Wednesday night, but somehow I got carried away and cast on for the back and was well into it before I realized I'd strayed from the plan.  It may all seem rather haphazard, but there is, indeed, something of a plan and I think it goes a little somethin' like this:

After the right front is finished, I will damp block both fronts while I finish the sleeves.  I'll finish the back while the sleeves are blocking and then, while the back is blocking, I'll begin to add the contrast to the sleeves.  Then I will sew the shoulder seam and sew in the sleeves (such as they are), determining the final length of the sleeves and then finishing them.  I will sew the side and sleeve seams and then knit the contrast on the fronts... then the collar, then the bottom.  Somewhere along the line I'll go buy buttons and sew them on, too!  I'm on this remembering/forgetting cycle with the buttons!!



It's looking great. I love all the colors!


Sounds like you have a plan. I'm keeping fingers crossed for no running out. I have a good feeling about this. ;-)


This sweater will be fabulous! I can't wait to see it done - and on my god how lovely is your blue house in the snow. Snow is a good.


Oh, that's pretty. Makes me wish I'd gotten more adventurous, but while I knit for hours the last two nights, I'm only up to 13" on the body of the bloody thing.

I have a good feeling about the yarn working out.


Williamsro is gorgeous! And, I like your plan - that's very organized. Good planning.
Can't wait to see the FO, and the gold medal that comes after it is done!


It's good to have a plan and yours sounds very well thought out. Your sweater is going to be beautiful with all those wonderful cables. GO VICKI! I'm cheering for you!!


What a great sweater!! The yarn choices are spectacular. Makes my contribution to the olympic world pale by comparison. We also had snow down here in southern WI, finally, after a winter without snow. I didn't even complaina bout having to snowblow the driveway twice!


The color combination is scrumptious! Don't worry about the buttons, you'll get to them when you need them - hopefully you won't be snowed in at the time.


your house is lovely - I want to come over for coffee!


Vicki - I love that yarn. Your sweater is going to be absolutely beautiful. And I like your plan about blocking the pieces as you go. Great idea. Now I'm going to have to find the previous posts and see the photo of which sweater you are making. You always go gorgeous work though. Chelle

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