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Dsc06484Can it be?  I've only been going to yoga class for a month, about twice a week, and last night I took note of a marked change.  Holy crap, I think I actually lifted stuff off the floor in Superman!  It isn't pretty, but it feels so nice.

I am usually quite tired after yoga.  The very warm room, all that work and sweat and concentration, followed with a little relaxation -- I sleep quite well on those nights!  I have to admit that I saw the inside of my eyelids instead of Jack Bauer for a few minutes last night.  ; )  I had laundry to catch up on and a radio program to listen to (see yesterday's "special bulletin" -- more on that to come -- and how cool is that streaming radio thing?) and then the dog was in my chair and I was too tired to move her or my knitting -- so no knitting, either!

We had one of those nights -- family members scattered to the four winds -- so I had cereal, my favorite light dinner.  Last night's cereal du jour was Cheerios avec bananas.  It may not look like it, but I have been attempting to expand our suppertime repertoire.  Twice now, I have gone to -- I don't know what to call it, I don't think there's a common term yet -- a place where you chose a menu ahead of time and they shop and do the prep work and you go in and assemble the meals to take home and store (fridge or freezer) to finish and consume later. Dream Dinners, Dinner Helpers and Let's Dish all offer this service and/or variations on the theme. I gotta tell you, it makes me feel like Betty Crocker.  It costs in the neighborhood of $2.25 to $3.50 per serving, which really isn't that bad compared to eating out and is a lot healthier; and even compared to grocery shopping, I'm using everything I pay for with no waste.  What I really like is putting together six meals in an hour!  We've had five or six different meals now and they've all been good -- some better than others, but all good.  I don't know how regularly I'll do this, but I think even a half-dozen ready-to-go meals in the freezer every couple of months could be helpful.



Oh my god! I SO need something like that. I used to cook - sometimes - but I've been really, really bad lately. It's one of my wish list things. I wonder if some of those places are around me.

My favorite cereal these days is Frosted Mini Wheats. In the big bite size. ;-)


We have several places like that around here because of the big families in Utah. I might need to check them out, too.

Lizzy B

WHat an interesting idea. I had no idea that such things even existed!

Very interesting! I love cereal for dinner! Hmmm, I skipped breakfast, you're making me hungry! :)


Those dinner assembly places sound neat. There are a few listed in Massachusetts but nothing terribly close to me. I'm going to search for more, though.


I wish we had one of the Dream Dinners-type places in my small town. Alternately, I wish I had the capital to open a franchise.


Oh goodness, I love cereal night! Truly. I love cereal, particularly cheerios :)
The dinner assembly thing sounds cool! How awesome that there is one in Appleton! I'll have to tell my MIL about it.
A friend of DH's, a few years ago was thinking of opening a personal chef service down in Madison, but I think one of those assembly places would reach a broader audience there. His friend was more of the "travelling culinary arsenal" type of thing. She would come to your house once a week, shop, prep, prepare and freeze a week's worth of meals for clients, bringing all her own equipment (except the stove of course!)


I do the Let's Dish thing too and it has been a big hit around our house. Not only do you feel like Betty Crocker, it is the best way to prep for overnight guests!! My parents think that I've somehow learned to cook because I load up on this stuff before their arrival! Plus even if you are actually a cook, it frees up your time to knit!


cereal night is surpassed only by waffle night......

ps. like Cara, I also love the Frosted Mini Wheats!


Hi Vicki! I've been reading your site for a long time now, you probably don't remember me, so I'll move on. :)

First of all... I've been so eager to try Yoga. What do you recommend to a beginner? ....a beginner that is a tad bit overweight... would it just feel impossible? Please be honest!

Secondly, aren't those 'dinner' places great? It seems to be a trend in our metro (des moines) as well and I've been eager to take the plunge and give them a try.

Anyhoo... happy weekend!

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