What do you think...
It's Monday, "how about we go from huge to medium?"

Without FA (further ado), it's an FO (finished object)

I'd like to present Williamsro, in solid gold.  I will get details and more photos up in a photo album very soon.  For now, a few pictures, some preliminary thoughts, and many thanks.

Dsc06672 Dsc06660 Dsc06664

My first thoughts when I woke up this morning:  1) I wonder if the blocking worked.  2) (for the billionth time) What can I use for "E" in the ABC-Along?  ; )

Dsc06675buttIt took three different shoots, three different settings, three different photographers -- the color of the sweater seems most true in the middle photograph.  I agree that my butt and/or puckering it didn't look too bad in the photo yesterday, but it was just not so good in real life. The vigorous overnight blocking really helped.  It also seems to have helped the armholes relax a bit; they were another area of grave concern.  I was beginning to wonder if I need to start an ebay watch for Cash Iroha in this color.  I don't think so; I think it's all good.  I've been wearing the sweater for a couple of hours now, and it's good.

I've been thrilled with the idea of the Knitting Olympics from day one and it's been so much fun to watch everyone's progress, get caught up in the spirit of fun with all the different teams -- it's just been FUN.  I have enjoyed the challenge immensely and I've got a gorgeous sweater, finished in 16 days, with which I am quite pleased.  There are FOs everywhere you look in blogland -- beginning about Thursday, folks have been reaching the podium in record numbers to collect their gold.  Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing your wonderful, crazy idea.  Thank you, blog friends, for all your support, help, and kind words in this endeavor.  Thank you, fellow Olympians, for coming to the games and making it so much fun, for allowing me to draw inspiration and energy from you.  Walking in fields of gold.



Williamsro looks awesome. Congratulations on the gold medal.


You're a winner! And so is Williamsro.

I, too, have been agonizing over the E. What the hell? Who thought this was going to be so difficult?


I think it turned out great, truely a very special knit. Congratulations!


Looks great! I think you went with the perfect color combo.


Love the colors Vicki! And your butt looks great! :)


As a fellow Wisconsinite (Madison) who has followed your progress--Congratulations! Your Williamsro has inspired me, and I just finished my first gauge swatch in col 97...now to find the perfect Blossom color. I will be looking back over your notes very carefully, any other thoughts for people who plan to make this pattern?--Thanks!


Wow, beautiful job!


It wouldn't have been the same if it hadn't been down to the wire, right? Adds to the thrills and excitement - congratulations!


Simply beautiful! I love the colors. Looks perfect on you, too.


What a lovely sweater! Good job!


Wow ! That's a great success. Looks fab on you. Well done.


Major congratulations! The sweater is fabulous and you look great in it! You earned that gold medal.


You look wonderful in your sweater! Excellent job!

Mary Beth

Hooray for you - love your little customizations! Great job!


Vicki you look wonderful! congrats on a fabulous job!!


Great sweater, great photos. I'm really impressed. As for E? I got nothing.


WOW. What an ambitious project for the Olympics. It looks great and perfect on you. Congratulations on the gold.

I just sat down with a dictionary this morning and made a list of some potential E words. So far, none of them has inspired me.

Hope my subconscience is working on the E problem, cause I don't have a clue.


Congrats - what a beautiful sweater! I'm not in the ABC along - but I would suggest E for Esprit - we've really seen that in the knitting community the last two weeks :-)


Yea!! Clap clap clap!! Yea!!

I tell you what - this KO cheerleading is tough. My voice is gone, my legs are tired from jumping up and down and I sorely need a nap.

But all my cheerleadees medaled out. Yea!!!


It's everything I knew it'd be and MORE! It looks wonderful! I'm so so so happy about it and I know you are too! YAY!!!!!!! Excellent knitting. Just excellent. L, C


You definitely deserve that gold medal. I can't believe you took this on, and completed it in 16 days. I look like a total sissy next to you; maybe I belong in the Knitting Special Olympics. I covet your skills and your sweater. Congratulations.


Congratulations, it looks Fabulous!


Congratulations! It's lovely!


Well done! Wear it with pride.


My comment - Wow did you make a phenomenal Olympic victory or what? Williamsro is beautiful on you. And I know you hate to take pictures, but it suits you SO WELL> Thanks for braving the Olympics and the camara. I've enjoyed seeing you work on this. Outstanding job. Chelle


Congratulations! Williamsro is beautiful. I must confess that I had bought the yarn to knit the child's version for my daughter, but after reading a few comments in blogland about the Cash Iroha stretching out too much when blocked, I got nervous and put it on the back burner.


Wow! That sweater is beautiful. I love the colors and the style. Together it's magic. I congratulate you on your gold.


Well done ~ gorgeous (you and the sweater)! That sweater is now on my (long) to-do list.


Vicki - Williamsro is beautiful! Love it!
The colors are wonderful together. Good pictures, too!


Congratulations! What a wonderful sweater. The Canadian judge gives it top marks for colour , cables and that yummy butt warmer: Cash Iroha! A gold medal!


It is amazing and beautiful Vicki! Congratulations! Beautiful knitting!


Oh my goodness, Vicki. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I knew you could do it. I love the colors and the pattern. Beautiful!!!


The sweater is gorgeous. I absolutely loved being in the Knitting Olympics, it was so much fun to find my personal best and see others as well.

Rock on!

Amy Lu

Vicki~ It's gorgeous!!!! I bow at your feet!!! I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy ;o)

I can't get over it! It's gorgeous, it would've taken me forever! I can't remember if you are going to any of the Master's weekends or Stitches this year? If you do, you should bring this along for show and tell!


Very nice job on that sweater!


Woo hoo! Congrats on the Gold Medal effort! Beautiful.

As for E - Eldest? Envy? Ethics? Edible? Excellent? Erratic? Escape? Emphatic? Empathy? End? Eager? Earth? Embrace?...


It is fabu and you look fabu in it!! That gold medal will look good on you!


Well, that is just incredible. And, who cares if you think your butt looks big! You made that sweater, and it's amazing! (and your butt does not look big....)

Mary in Boston

Late to the party, but hey, you did an amazing job and created an amazing sweater! Congratulations on your victory! Whoo hoo!


E? How about England? Current home of a certain someone? Just an idea . . .

And your butt? It's just the right size for the bee-yoo-tee-full Williamsro! Great job, very medal worthy!!


I love it! It looks awesome! :o))


WOW! Georgeous sweater!!! Gold looks sooo rich with those colors:D Congrats on winning the gold. It has been a lot of fun!

Shelley (Pink House)

Wow, your sweater is just great! I really like the uniqueness of it - the pattern, the color combinations. It looks like it fits nicely too.

I finished my sweater too and it all worked out well. I'm happy that I set the goal and was able to do it. I did become a better knitter as a result - just as Stephanie had hoped.

Bookish Wendy

Dang girl - you are hot! I love it, the fit is perfect. Not too bulky, not too tight. Fab job.


Lovely! You did such a fabulous job on your sweater. I'm sure you will wear it proudly! And isn't it your "Quit" sweater, as well? So much accomplishment in one article of clothing. I think you should pass it down from generation to generation. I'm serious. It is pretty special. Also, yes, my blog is named after Chaka Khan's song. :0)


Ohmigawd, I fell behind in reading and didn't realize that you had finished this. It's just gorgeous! What an achievement. I do hope your brother recovers quickly.

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