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1.  A blog which you think people have not discovered.

Just a few, new to me and maybe to you, by no means a complete list:  if we shadows, Oiyi's Crafts (bonus: one of the cutest pup pics I've ever come across), Po Mo Golightly -- my list is always changing!

2.  A blog whose author lives close to you physically.  Just get as close as you can, it's all relative.

Amy Lu!  I was lucky enough to meet her last April at the Midwest Masters Seminar (no, I haven't signed up for this year's and yes, I'll probably be kicking myself next month), and I played "Where in WI is Amy Lu?" last September -- that was a really fun day, by the way.  ; )

3.  An unusual or weird animal picture.

Surely there's something at Ann's... Pug on a Rug?  It's not a weird or unusual picture, but the title makes me giggle.

4.  An entry that made you laugh and got strange looks from family or co-workers.

JenLa Jenifleur's Stash Wars -- That was a challenging morning at work!  I laughed 'til I cried -- in a very business-like way, of course.  So funny.

5.  An idea you wish you'd thought of.

Bagged salad.  Or Post-its.

6.  Something you'd like to knit.

That darn Rogue, some blasted Latvian Mittens

Dsc03552_17.  A picture of something you consider beautiful.

Katie has shared only a fraction of the pictures she's taken in the U.K. -- and a quick tour of the continent (France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Germany) is still ahead -- and I am so looking forward to seeing them all.  I am preparing to be verklempt.  This is a favorite among favorites so far:  Tintern Abbey in Wales.

8.  A blog whose author you would like to someday meet in person.

Celia, Margene, Stephanie -- and 792 others.  ; )

9.  A blog of someone you have already met in person.

So lucky to have met so many already.

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Dsc06756When I arrived at the hospital last night, my brother Michael was in a wheelchair, all his stuff was on a cart or in someone's hand, my SIL and uncle were there, various nurses and aides... they were movin' on up -- to a de-luxe apartment in the sky!  Heh, pretty darn close -- a 6th floor room with a westerly view (and a private bath) of the river, the teensy city skyline, sunsets, and lots of activity!  He was being moved out of Neuro and into Rehab!  Yahoo!!!

The #1 really huge thing that I noticed new yesterday was that he was asking questions and initiating conversation (okay, maybe that's TWO!) -- "Hey Vick, whatcha doin' here?"  He is wondering about the brace and collar (and when some of that can come off), and how things work.  He is still mighty confused and befuddled -- he answered "June" when asked which month it is, and he didn't know the name of the hospital, even though he's been asked and told these things 10,000 times.  But get this...  My SIL had explained to him that he'd be moving to Rehab and that they'd be working with him in different ways, asking him questions to get him thinking more, and he smiled and said, "Yeah, like what day it is?"  HILARIOUS!!  He's asked that question 50,000 times a day!  He may not remember what frickin' day it is, but he remembers being asked and that's HUGE (at least to my reasoning)!

Dsc06757Having finished the gusset and made progress on the foot of the sock yesterday, I celebrated Michael's progress by casting on Trellis last night.  This is a sleeve, one repeat -- LOVE the School Products wool-cotton yarn from NYC that I mentioned a few days ago.  I am so happy, I might even cast on something else tonight.  ; )

Thank you all, again and again and again and again, for your amazing support, words of wisdom and kindness and encouragement these past few weeks.  I've really sucked at writing back, and I'm sorry about that.  Please know that every single word has been a huge help.



He may not know what day it is or what month but the fact that he has his sense of humor - his sarcasm - says A LOT! Those little things like day of the week will come back, but I would suspect that losing something like you're sense of humor might be a more permanent thing. And the fact that he knows all of you, well, speaks volumes! YAY FOR REHAB! His progress has been extraordinary. In my mind I can see the St. Pat's Day BLOW-OUT you'll all be having for him for next years birthday - he'll be dancing circles around all of you! L, C


PoMo is my girly! :)

So glad to hear he is doing better.


That is *great* news - steady progress in the right direction :) Here's to the healing power of laughter!


Hooray for progress - with the knitting and with Michael, too.


Everyday gets better. I agree with Cara on the sense of humor. I knew someone with a brain injury and it altered their personality majorly. It is great that he is till Michael!!


First, if you haven't already get him a calendar to put up (because they insist on asking that inane question even though you have been in the hospital for weeks and all the days are the same -- nothing to mark Saturday different from Tuesday). I brought in a large hanging calendar used to teach kindergarten -- or ask them to ask a more meaningful question -- that isn't always changing. My favorite answer was when they were asking my dad a battery of questions and he was getting some right and some wrong and then she asked "OK, who is president" This was two years ago before the last election. He paused, he thought, and then answered "Al Gore" The pallative care Dr. looked at him, laughed and said "you're right, you know more than you're letting on don't you." Glad to hear things are looking up.


So he knows that he keeps asking that question over and over again? That is pretty funny!
I am so glad he is moving right along!


Vicki - just to make him feel better - I have not been through a major trauma and I ask people at work many times a day "what day is it?" I NEVER know what day it is. Thank you for sharing the terrific news.


Hip Hip Hooray for Rehab!! and the return of the sarcastic little brother!


The fact that he recongnizes people is great. Even if he has no clue what date it is, I'd rather have someone who at least knew who I was.

Sounds like he's making great progress.


I second all of the thoughts and emotions already expressed here. I'll continue keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers!


Yahoo for rehab! :)


Rehab, Congrats! Thank you for the shout out. Napoleon really appreciates it. He sends his puppy love to you and your family.


Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. People travel miles and miles that way. This too shall pass. And congrats on your one year of no smoking anniversary...that's huge, Vicki. No need to respond...just know you're being thought about.


When I'm tranq'd, and for a few weeks after, I get the initial letter and the number of syllables correct, but nothing else. Envelope might become elephant, telephone trampoline, and I call my husband Mom or my ex's first name. Things get jumbled.

I have residual damage from numerous head and spine injuries. Sometimes speech simply disappears and I can't even find word shapes in my brain for a few minutes or a day. Sometimes my body phases in and out. If I'm touched on an injury spot, like one of the cracks in my skull, I am transported to the moment of that accident -- total hallucination (a hug and gentle murmuring makes the images and emotions recede). Being touched *near* the spot can make me feel as if I'm the age I was at the time of the accident. My body is smart and remembers things...

Trauma affects each of us differently, but my guess is Michael's subconsious mind knows that it doesn't matter what day it is because he's safe now. As his body heals, his mind will open to other things, but right now it's busy looking in, not out. The combination of a thump on the head, messing with the spine, a huge jolt of adrenaline, and the ensuing pain and drugs -- that's quite a load for the brain to handle. His cards have been shuffled and some will probably stay in a different order than before; you cannot come through an experience like that unchanged. It's wonderful that his sense of humor is intact!

lynne s of oz

I'm with everyone else - recognising people is a great start and having a sense of humour is even better. A calendar is an excellent suggestion because what sorts of things give cues aobut the changing of days in a hospital?
You've moderated your language - does your mum read this blog? ;-)
Replies are lovely but you have other fish to fry at present, so don't be too fussed!


Jen's "Stash Wars" was very memorable! Thanks for all the new links to click!

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