I did it!

Hit the road runnin'

Today is my day off -- I haven't had a day off in a while, so it's jam-packed with day off activities, as well as regular day activities (such as laundry) and the continuing activities toward the annual tax day thing and, because my bosses have been gone for a while, I will be going in to work to de-brief them.  That sounds pretty important, doesn't it?

The laundry is so bad, so very, very bad, that I'm actually thinking of taking it all to the laundromat where a couple of hours of washing clothes spin around while knitting, either on my sock or on Trellis, mostly uninterrupted, sounds damn good.  The tax thing is going pretty well, actually, and I hope to have that demon licked by the end of the day (or the weekend, it depends).  I'm such a procrastinator... it really would be nice to get that crap out of the way, so I'm shooting for "the day."

Y'all have a great weekend.



You have a good weekend, too!
Don't hit the road too hard - ouch......:(


Hope you get it all done!


Hi Vicki! I hope you have a great weekend, too! I’ve visited your blog a few times now and only now just discovered that you live in Wisconsin. Me too. :-)


The laundromat sounds like a fabulous idea! If you get everything done you can enjoy your weekend.


Taxes suck! I can't imagine who enjoys doing them; good luck on finishing them. We did our laundry at laundromats for the first couple of years we lived on the farm; kind of miss it - laundry is now like a two day endurance test; the laundromat was so quick. You can even knit while you are waiting for it all to finish! Have a good weekend.


Welcome to my hell. I've been doing taxes for (what feels like) eleventeen kajillion other people for months now. Laundry? Yah. Right.

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