Soggy cereal
I think I like it


Shirley Shrugs for Mom is getting too big to be portable knitting and requires more concentration than I can muster for knitting at the moment, at least while I'm at the hospital, so I started a pair of socks.  I know I was going to use some of JessaLu's beautiful, spring-colored yarn for the next pair, but I decided instead to use a ball of the self-patterning Trekking XXL that my sister gave me for Christmas.  She's been asking me about it (she gave me two different balls) and I knew that I'd be seeing her.  I am using a simple ribbing pattern, but wonder if I shouldn't just be knitting a plain ol' stockinette stitch sock with that yarn.  I'll keep going for a bit yet to see how it looks, but I'm prepared to rip it.

Mom has given up on the baby blanket she started for Mack, and my sister is finishing it for him herself.  Instead, Mom's working on what started out as a dishcloth, but is growing into a scarf.  It's a simple six-stitch, six-row repeat that is both engaging and mindless and hey, whatever.

Mom and I both did a little knitting yesterday, and my SIL looked on with interest.  She and my brother have been working on a big latch hook project, but it's too big to lug around.  She said that she hasn't knit in ages, but maybe she should take it up again now -- she wasn't sure she'd remember how to cast on.  We were all over that!  I stopped at the LYS on the way home and bought some nice Brittany Birch needles for her.  I typed up the pattern (with clip art!) on an index card and printed it out last night.  Mom had an extra ball of cotton and I threw in one that I had, too, and made a nice little package for my SIL that Mom will deliver this morning -- and she'll show her how to cast on.

I didn't get the "pooh-pooh" I might have when I uttered the words "dishcloth cotton" on the premises, but I would like to suggest that while an LYS may not wish to carry "dishcloth cotton" as regular inventory, it wouldn't hurt to have a few balls behind the counter.  No doubt my needs could have easily and inexpensively been filled at a Big Box, I was in no humor for that kind of nonsense nor for schlepping all over creation.  Truthfully, when I think "yarn," no matter what kind, it's an LYS that comes to mind first, not Big Box.

I spoke with a CCU nurse early this morning and she said that there has been no change in Michael's condition -- and that's okay.  They've kept him heavily sedated.  She said that hopefully the brace will come today.  We're thinking that their anticipation for the arrival of the brace means that they want to wake him up and get him up for a while... for various reasons and scenarious that occur to even my non-medical mind.  Oh, this slow, step-by-step, waiting stuff is HARD!

Thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts and well wishes.  It really does help.

Michael had a lot of fun with Super Glue as a kid.  What's a young boy to do with a full bottle of glue and nothing that needs fixing?  A.) Glue the eyes of his little sister's dolls closed.  B.) Glue various light switches throughout the house into the "off" position.

I don't personally remember the breakfast exposure incident that I wrote about yesterday.  My sister told the story at the prompting of my SIL, and it was hilarious -- we were all laughing with some gusto in the hospital cafeteria.  In a phone conversation with another sister last night, I mentioned our lunch and the story and that I didn't really remember it, but did she?  I didn't even finish the question and she started to laugh and that, yes, she did remember.  She said she's always felt badly about it; that we were really quite dramatic and overreacted (by quite a lot -- we were probably doing it up good for the benefit of our youngest) and she always thought that we should have helped Michael eat all that cereal.  ; ) Not that he didn't get away with other stuff over the years... or that people didn't take the rap for him at times...  I'm sure we're all even-steven.  ; )


Bookish Wendy

What a strange world this is - we get to spend more time with our families when someone's hurting then during the normal daily life cycle. It's amazing how the world brings us together is these unlikely moments. You're in my heart!


I am so glad to read that your brother is improving. I will keep him and your whole family in my prayers.


Michael sounds like 'all boy'. His healing, recovery time will be slow and you will all learn patience if you don't already have a good dose of it. Knitting can get us through so many of lifes ups and downs. It was good to hear from you today.


I'm really enjoying the little stories about your brother. Glad to hear some positive news about his condition. I know that the hospital vigil can be exhausting. Take good care of you. Our prayers continue.


What fun to be the only boy in a family of sisters.. I was the only sister in a family of about getting picked on.
I'm still praying and thinking about Michael, and you. Hang in there!


Thanks for the update Vicki. Hopefully your SIL will find some comfort in the knitting and keeping her hands busy during this difficult time of hurry up and wait.


Hope the good news continues with your brother's recovery. I love the Michael stories.


Glad to hear things are progressing - and they are progressing even though it feels like nothing is happening. Getting the brace in is a step :o)

Good to have an update and I understand you using the yarn your sister gave you prior to the stuff I sent feelings aren't hurt at all...well, maybe a little bit...(kidding!) ;o)


I love the litle stories you're telling of your brother. Hoping for a swift and full recovery.

I second your quest for dishcloth cotton at the LYS, so many knitter start by making a dishcloth it would be nice if there was a modest, but pretty selection for the new knitter. I actually still make them to try out new stitch patterns and they make great purse knitting -


I wish some super glue would work now for your brother! Keep you spirits up.


Vicki, I just read all your posts about your brother. My heart really goes out to you and your family. If he could, I'm sure your brother would give you a big hug and tell you that "everything's going to be ok." Because it will. I'll be thinking of you.


I love all the stories of your brother. My brother is the only boy among four and it's such an interesting circumstance to be raised by a family of mostly women. I just know he's good to his wife - it's all of your influence. I like to think that my brother is the way he is with women because of what we taught him about strong, funny, SMART women.

I'm so glad things are stable. That can only be a good thing. Unfortunately, this is a great time for your sister in law to pick up knitting. It will keep her busy and her mind occupied with all that waiting.

Can you feel the hug? Can you breathe? Because I am hugging you super, super hard.



My thoughts and prayers are still with you.

Amy Lu

A thought came to me when I read about you, your mom, and now your SIL all knitting while sitting with your brother.

That at the same time as all of your needles are knitting productively, in his room around him, he is doing some knitting of his own. Internally-The Great Physician is knitting together bones and flesh-Healing your brother.

It's amazing.


Vicki - what can I say? I am so sorry I have not been by sooner - I'm behind this week. I'm so grateful for you that your brother is/can be alert and that things look 'good.' What a horrible accident.
I am loving the stories about him though! My brother had two older sisters and he was really a little sister in a lot of ways - played with barbies and my little ponies, played dress up, etc. My sister and I had the best time reminding him of all those occasions at his rehearsal dinner! :) It really is too bad that we didn't have one involving his "special friend" though!
Thinking of you tonight and in the coming days.


OMG!! I can't believe this. I have been blithely off in my own world and tonight finally took the time to read my blogs.

I, too, am hugging you and thinking about you and your family.




I'm so glad you have a loving family around you at this difficult time. I'm sure you are being supportive toward one another. I'm sending my thoughts and prayers toward Michael's recovery. It's great that you're able to share the knitting with one another. Chelle


I am so behind on my blogs that I'm just now finding out about the accident. I am truly sorry and am thinking of you and your family(and your brother, of course) in what must be a very difficult time. May God give all of you strength to endure and recover.


Vicki...I love that doll idea! I'm sure those girls have been amazed at what their mom can do, too! I am so glad to see that his condition is improving...still praying for him.

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