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No secrets

Perusing the pages of my brand new, spring/summer VK the other day, I found myself wondering, on several pages, if I wasn't looking at a Vict*ria's S*cret catalog instead.  Disappointed would be putting it mildly, but maybe it's just me -- I'm not old, but I am getting older.  ; )  There's exactly one design in the entire issue that stays on my mind and it might even surprise you -- Di Gilpin's deconstructed tank (#17) (preview here, it's the middle one under "Natural Selection").  Maybe -- with mods.  (I would definitely wear it as a vest.)

I worked a little on the sock yesterday, a little on the Trellis sleeve -- that one will be for Mack, if you haven't already guessed.  I've been cabling without a needle quite frequently in the past few months -- for me, it just depends on the gauge, the yarn, the pattern.  This wool-cotton is a little slippery, but I've been able to do it sans needle for the most part.  Oh, what a wonderful, soft fabric it makes!

* * * * *

Holy shit,* what a difference a day makes.  Yesterday, I was pretty much walking on air as concerns my brother's progress, today I'm inching close to Cloud 9.  I picked up Mom on the way last night and as we walked down the hall toward Michael's room, he emerged with his entourage, heading out for a walk.  There was an aide holding on at each side, a nurse, and his wife close behind with the wheelchair, just in case.  What a spectacle he was, standing 6' 4" in thigh-high, white Tet stockings (which he found quite amusing), blue shorts, T-shirt and body brace with built-in cervical collar!  Mom and I waved excitedly and he waved back.  We gave him hugs and he decided to have a seat, then politely introduced us to the aides and even told them that his mother used to be a nurse -- impressive.  But wait, there's more...  He passed the swallow test, the trach has been down-sized, and the Foley is gone!  He was completely, mechanically untethered for the first time in over three weeks!  He remains under close watch, though, with 24-hour, one-on-one supervision.

He was even more chatty than the day before -- there was gibberish, confusion, disorientation, but he's also got a lot on the ball.  He tried to explain why he had them take down the clock in his room -- something to do with the day/date/calendar -- I think it's just too much information to process right now.  He needs to get how the calendar works, then remember how the clock relates.

Mike asked my SIL about the accident yesterday.  He said that everyone tells him he's there because of a bad accident, but he wanted to know more about what happened and, especially, whether he caused it.  He's been told since Day One, whenever the accident was mentioned, that it wasn't his fault and he didn't do anything wrong.  She told him about what he was doing, where he was going, how the semi hit him, and that he didn't do a single thing wrong -- it was very emotional, and at some point he asked her to stop, that it was all his brain could handle right now.  I'm sure that someday he will see photos from the scene and I can't imagine how those will affect him because, truly, he should not have survived.  I can write that now, but I still can't say it out loud. 

I've spent some time copying and pasting all of my posts and comments since February 28th into a document, and will probably integrate the daily update emails that I've been writing and sending to family members.  I'll have to do minimal editing, and lots of formatting, but I think it might be useful and maybe comforting to him to have it written down -- and to feel the love!  Wow -- it's over 90 pages in raw form!  Even I am amazed at how much has transpired and I've been conscious for all of it!

*Unmoderated enough for you, Lynne?  ; )  She made an observation in yesterday's comments about my "moderated language" and wondered if it was because my mum read the blog.  (Has it really changed that much?)  As far as I know, Mom does not; Dad might; two sisters might, and maybe one or two of their friends (they tell me that it's overwhelming the first few times); possibly a cousin.  Katie definitely does.  Hello?  Hello?



Yeah, Michael!!!!! Good for him. Still rooting for him in NC! :) What a wonderful way to show him how much everybody cares for him. I think he will enjoy reading your "book"


Go Michael, I love your good news, I am sure your book will be good for him when he is recovering. Have a great weekend.


Yay! Great update, glad to hear things are getting better!


Wow, it's like leaps and bounds daily, now!
Yeah, Mike!!!!
Vicki - your squares arrived, and are beautiful! I put them all in photo album, and am starting to put it all together!!!!!!!


Delighted with Michaels progress. I feel I have to check in every day. Oh and WTF is VK thinking? Have they lost complete touch with what real knitter's will knit? This whole issue I plan on skipping. They get another shot with the next one.


So glad your brother's doing better. :-)


Hooray for Michael! I am so happy to hear that he's doing better.

I haven't received my new VK yet but i checked out the preview yesterday and I wasn't impressed. I also wasn't impressed with the new Knitter's which arrived the other day. I'm not sure there's a single thing in it that I would want to knit. Sad!


It all sounds so good Vicki! What an amazing series of events so full of blessings.


Go Mike!

Your post reminds me why I dropped my VK sub. And, I'm not missing it yet.


What wonderful news about Michael! He's come a long way in three weeks.


I felt the same way about the spring VK. ISH! That's what we say in Minnesota.

Terrific news on Michael - I wish I could still do cartweels cause I'd do a couple for him right now!

ann & cara

hey Vick! WAY TO GO MICHAEL!! We love you! L, A & C


Walking! How wonderful! I breathe big sighs of relief with every new post. I know it still takes a lot of strength, though, so keep it up.


How great to hear that Mike is up and about! And that he seems to be aware of his own boundaries - that's encouraging.

I have to agree about VK's patterns. But be sure to read Betsy Greer's great article about the British wool industry! (Her blog is


Oh Vicki, my heart is singing!!!! Regardless of all the hard work ahead of him, these little (big freaking huge) things make such a difference and will hold you in stead as the months go by. It is amazing what we will accept and even be excited by when the circumstances are so dire - you know aside from our usual day to day bitching and unhappiness. Perspective is everything! Way to go Mike!


What progress your brother is making!!


Hooray for Michael's progress!
And I completely agree about the new VK. I found little I was interested in.


That's such good news, Vicki!


Way to go M!

Ten years ago my husband and I were in the middle of a 30 car pile-up. When you look at pictures of our truck it's amazing we survived it too.


SO happy to hear of Michael's progress!

Steph VW

yay! walking boy!

I'm doing a happy dance for him right now. I hope he's ok with the "I love Turtles" jazz hands.


What wonderful news! I am so happy for you and your family. Michael sounds like a great guy - give him hugs from all of us.

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