The long and winding...
Really, really good news -- for real

Oh, it's the twisty road!

Feb6c_1I guess the winding road looks more like this... but maybe blue.  Lordy.  You just knew -- I should have known -- that the breathless, distracted, forgetful, tear-filled, happy, beside-myself news of yesterday would be tempered by something.  The joyful feeling was a nice relief -- I'm calling it a practice run.  I don't think I really need much more practice, though.

By the time I reached the hospital yesterday, I only got to see Michael for a few minutes as he was being prepped for another CAT scan and keeping him calm was the rule.  Short story:  all his recent movement does not bode well for the neck injury, aggressive regimen of antibiotics for infection, surgery soon, he'll remain in ICU.

As Leslie* reminded me yesterday, "Take a sad song and make it better..."  ; )  So, on the up-side, I do believe he was more with it yesterday; I think he heard me, saw me, looked at me, recognized me, responded to me -- and I believe he did the day before when I spoke sharply, too, but to a lesser degree.

*Go visit Leslie.  She's brand spankin' new and I love her already -- start at the very beginning.  Also, if you're a Blogger blogger, she's got questions.



One step forward, two steps back. But don't get too discouraged because he is making progress and responding.


Even if you are only going 2 miles-per-hour, you're still moving forward.......***cyberhugs***
And I went a visited Leslie - cute blog, AND she's knitting a blue square!!!!!!!!


Ah, baby steps. It's hard to patient but there is some progress. Hang in there! ( love the cables!)


The knitting looks great and thank goodness we have something to keep us sane during the ups and downs of life. I think of you and Michael everyday and each day he is even a tiny bit better is a blessing. Life may never be the same but it still looks pretty good so far. BIG, BIG HUG!


He IS making progress - just not in leaps and bounds. He WILL get better :o)


Your knitter's patience will be put to the test as Michael is in the healing process - and he is indeed in the healing process. Count his rows Vicki - he has been awake and aware!

Steph VW

Every time I read your blog I end up in tears - both tears of sorrow and of joy. I'm rooting for your brother with every stitch I knit.

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