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Overheard in ICU today

Michael:  I want to get these fucking tubes outta me.

Vicki:  You've got to leave the fucking tubes in.

Mom:  I don't like it when you two use the F-word.

This was after he'd already removed the Foley catheter once (ow) and had to have it replaced, was caught with a leg over the siderail of the bed, trying to "escape", and told his best friend to go get the car.  "Let's you and me go for a ride, Paulie."

I think the wild ride portion of this recovery program is underway.



ow ow ow ow jaysus he took out the Foley?!?! *cringe* I seriously cannot imagine...


I bet your mother was never so happy to hear Michael say "Fuck".


Sounds like someone won't be in ICU very long!! Very good. But can you keep in the hospital as long as he needs to be?? You may be right...the real work is beginning but it sure beats what came before.

Teresa C

heh. Recovery. Isn't it the best. Really.


Sounds like he's feeling fucking better. That's fucking great.


Awesome! Best use of the word fuck this year. I agree with Kat. I bet your mom yelled at you guys with a huge ass smile on her face. GO MICHAEL!


Three cheers for Michael!!!! He deserves to say whatever he wants to say. But, he should behave himself so he can get well and get out of that hospital!!!! :)


He deserves to use as many swear words as he wants!! Go Michael.

Mary Beth

oh wow it's such great news. Are you able to let a little sigh of relief sneak out yet? Hope so. I've been behind on my blogging, but you have been in my thoughts!


Cranky is a VERY good sign! :)


Well that's just fucking GREAT news! ;)


I'm so glad he is starting to feel better. I will keep him in my prayers. Sorry I'm so late reading this and commenting.


let the games begin!


Vicki, I am so glad that Michael is getting better. Your family seems to have such a warm, close relationship. He sounds like a great guy who will fight for a full recovery. It just will take lots of time and patience, but he has the support to get him through. Chelle


Fucking great news!


Clearly the F-word if making a huge come back here on your blog! :-) I think any word from his mouth used in the correct context (which it certainly was) is extremely acceptable. :-)


Yea for Michael! Reading about the wild rides of recovery looks like a good time.


Feeling good enough to cuss is an excellent sign. I am so happy the surgery went well. It is a miracle he is recovering so fast. And I am not the miracle type!


Oh, that's FUCKING AWESOME. Hope your mom doesn't read the blog....she's going to wonder what kind of friends you have out here. Hee.


Hah! Now there is a man who is DETERMINED to heal and get outta there. Like Norma said, FUCKING AWESOME!!!


So he pulled out the wonder he said fuck! These are actually pretty good signs! Planning escape? That is a REALLY good sign! ;)



Even my very proper mom became rather, um, expressive when they kept her longer in the hospital than she wanted to stay. I think the pain meds loosened her tongue a bit, too. Here's to a rapid recovery for Michael!


Good news!


What a blessing to hear! Wanting to escape means motivation is present... hang in there for the ride.


LOL at Mom. Way to keep things real.

So glad for you. xox Kay

lynne s of oz

Oh my - I haven't visited for WAAAAAY too long! What an horrendous thing to happen. I'm so glad to hear Michael is doing so much better!
I have to send you something for being off the smokes for a year....

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