Scenic interlude


I have not gone to yoga in over a month.  No doubt it would have helped at times, but it just didn't work out -- that one-hour workout actually eats up a lot more time, what with driving home in sweat-soaked clothes, peeling off said clothes to take the necessary shower.  A 5:00 class means that I'm not fit for anything else (and that includes stopping to fill my gas tank -- I've driven home after yoga with the light on more than once) until around 7:00 or so.  Bleh.  Here's a potentially good thing, though:  the studio that I frequent is opening a branch office closer to my home.  ; )

I discontinued my WW Online subscription a little while ago because, while I liked many of the features, I'm more of a people person and think I'd do better at meetings.  A week before my brother's accident, I finally went to a meeting to re-enlist.  I'm a lifetime member, having lost over 50 lbs. after Ali was born, and I'm right about at the same weight as the first time I joined up.  I do not wish to lose 50 lbs. this time, I'd really be happy with dropping 20-25 that I gained since quitting smoking, and losing the "bowl full of jelly" that has become my belly (I never, ever thought that a belly like a bowl full of jelly was a real thing!) -- I'd been comfortable and "okay" at that weight (even though it was well above my original goal weight) for many years.

I was going to go to WW last night, but then an aunt, uncle, cousin and his wife came to visit Michael and I had to see them, too.  And then we went out to dinner at a new pizza/Italian place where I began with bruschetta and finished with a share of three different pizzas -- all quite different, all quite delicious!!

It was the knitting that kept me awake during Boston Legal last night.  I think things are catching up with me a little and my weary body just fell right into bed at 10:00 (or so).  Much better this morning.  I've been at or near high alert for the better part of the month and, while I have been taking care of myself, there's an unrelenting buzz -- never mind concern over the surgeries, monitoring devices and medications, it's what this doctor says or that nurse or one of the three or four therapists, and how is the eating and pooping, walking and talking, remembering and memory -- and sharing it, in various ways, with all the people who need or want to know.  Thank goodness I could do the majority of it by email, but there are some who do not have it, or who couldn't wait for the email.

Anyway, I think my weariness was the manifestation of some measure of relief.  Yesterday, a tentative discharge date of a week from today was set for my brother!  This brings on a whole new set of stressors, but I'm doin' Scarlet O'Hara and thinking about all that tomorrow... or maybe even the next day.  Michael's therapy now includes walking stairs; he's been taking showers and brushing his teeth; he's getting stronger and able to pull himself upright to sit or stand after having the brace put on, and is able to walk greater distances.  And fishing!  Two hours of fishing is on the PT schedule this afternoon!!  It'll be Mike's first breath of fresh air in more than a month.  This will be a little stressful for my SIL, but there will be plenty of home-care therapy visits and she has worked as an OT, has cared for elderly parents, is a certified massage therapist and, most of all, she loves my brother.  It will do him so much good emotionally, just to throw a ball to his dog, eat his wife's cooking, and sleep under his own roof.  Thrilled would be putting it mildly.

It was interesting to talk to Mike last night, to hear him talk (wistfully and longingly, I probably needn't add) about getting home and reacquainting himself with his things.  He said that he knows he owns hunting and fishing equipment, a lawnmower, a boat, etc., but he really can't remember any specifics.  He said that he'd forgotten what his house was like, too, until he heard my SIL describing it to someone yesterday -- he followed along in his mind, "...up the stairs and down the hall."  It's like all the information is there, like pieces of a puzzle locked up in many locations; he needs to track them all down and fit them all together again.  Some of those pieces will be harder to find, harder to keep in position -- or maybe he'll try to force a piece to fit where it really doesn't belong.  Heh, I think he's been doing that a little -- he told me yesterday that he hates not knowing the answer to questions he's asked and he'll sometimes try to bullshit his way through.  That's my brother!

And crap.  The tax man soon cometh, and I'd better get going-eth.



oh..the bowl full of jelly...HA! I've lost about 50lbs in the past year. I'm not sure how since I havent really tried. I think I just tweaked my eating habits a bit, and combine that with the incredible amount of stress we've been under...voila..drop a few jeans sizes.
I'm loving the smaller sizes. But the last time I wore these sizes, was pre kids, sans what I call "the baby flap". That "bowl full of jelly" you describe, that is leftover from several pregnancies that stretched me to the max.
I'm searching for a solution to my bowl full of jelly that does not include extreme acrobatic exercises...err...torture.

Good news on your brother's tentative date for "release"

Tax man cometh. Yeah, thanks for the reminder ;) I think I'm putting that task off til the weekend tho.


YAY for MICHAEL! A release date?! Oh my! Please don't remind me out taxes. I've been putting it off and putting it off!


It is amazing that he could be going home so soon! You've been on a roller coaster for a month and it might not slow down much but hopefully the hills will be less 'thrilling'.


Wow, that's great news. I'm sure that an afternoon of fishing will be wonderful therapy.
Hope to get his blue blanket to you by the end of next week. We are completely overwhelmed with blue squares..............
Take care of yourself, too! I've been a very very bad WW'er the past few weeks, and have re-committed to trying harder beginning this morning. It's that damn post-smoking-quitting weight and the slower metabolism, and of course, age.........crap


More great news about your brother - yay!

As for the yoga / taking up so much time thing... I know what you mean. I've found that the only way I could fit in exercise is to work it in to the things I need to do - I started biking to work (luckily, we have showers on site) and before that I walked during lunchtime, or to the store on the weekends. Hell, just taking the stairs (huffing and puffing :) made a difference. My favorite though is my guy friend bought a treadmill and walked on it while he played video games - it worked wonders!


Good news, Vicki. But even good news can be stressful and you've been roller coastering this for a while now. Take care of yourself, too, please.


Be warned the roller coaster does not stop - even years later. But I am pleased that it seems like your whole family is "open-minded" about Michael's brain injury. (It wasn't the same situation when I had mine some years ago.)
And I am so happy for his progress thus far!
After enough repetition he WILL remember answers, even though he will have good days and then bad days with his memory.

All I wanted to do was suggest you contact your local Brain Injury Association to see if they have any suggestions to follow after Michael gets home.

Leslie, Richmond, Va. USA

I second Carole's comment. You've got to take care of yourself! It wouldn't do to have you get sick and have Michael worrying about you, would it? Eek, I sound like my mother.


what fantastic Michael news - a release date!! wow!!

ps. the bowl full of jelly thing? I've got a vat full of jelly over here. ergh.

Amy Lu

Yay Michael!

Guess what I'm doing today....I'm signing up for Midwest Masters. Come on Vicki, come with me!!! It'll be fun! There's a class all about cables (I'm sure you could teach it yourself, you're so experienced) but it said something about combining cables with lace. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

At least come to the dinner! It would be great to see you again....

lynne s of oz

Fishing? Going home soon? What more could a man want? :-)
Yes, losing weight. Thank goodness I could do with only losing about 6lb. So i don't bother, LOL. Good luck on your quest - my friend is looking to lose a little too.


I am proud to announce that I am a three-time lifetime member of WW...I have lost the same 30 pounds three different times! And I just went back a few weeks ago, determined to not let my 7 pound gain get that out of control again! Now, if I could just get my lazy butt out of the chair every night...


I am lifetime failure at WW - LOL. Take care of yourself Vicki, focus on the positives and remember it will take so much time to relax about your brother. Rest as much as you can, enjoy all the company you are having and take pleasure in all his small accomplishments. It sounds like you and he are doing great!

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