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Scenic interlude

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Windsor Castle and the garden in the dry moat on Saturday; Katie at Stonehenge on Friday.

Okay, so now I want an old, dried up moat -- what a cool garden!!  I remember when I was in Colonial Williamsburg at Christmas, how I admired the gardens even though they were dormant -- the design and settings were fabulous at any time of year!  Katie's a little out of focus there at Stonehenge -- she sure looks happy!  A week from Friday, she'll be in Paris for the first day of frolic on the continent; home in less than a month.  Amazing.  Wasn't I just whining yesterday about letting her go???

Dsc06774Ali bought a brand new used car and she is way beyond tickled pink.  She has been without a car since December and saving diligently; yesterday, she took ownership of a white, 1998 VW Beetle.  A little bug has been her dream car since the first time she ever saw one.  Yay, Al!

Sandy, my dear, this one's for you.  I was on my way to pour my first cup of coffee this morning when I spotted the rising sun and had to grab my camera and step out on the back porch in my robe -- it was even more red than shows up here.  I hope you're feeling better.  ; )



Katie looks so happy! What an adventure! And Allie - well, a Karmann Ghia has always been my dream car. Congratulations! Is she going to paint it? Have a GREAT day, Vick! L, C


That moat is amazing! Yea, I love the Beetle too -- I tell my kids that I'm going to get one after I ditch the mini-van! Your daughter is lovely -- what a wonderful gift you have given her by letting her go on this adventure.


Katie looks great, I too want a beetle when I grow up, a soft top for driving around in the sunshine, so I better not move back to Scotland....


The picture of Katie at Stonehenge is fabulous! And congrats to Ali on her new car!


Love that Stonehenge pic! How jealous am I?!

I know I haven't been writing much lately, darlin... but you have been in my thoughts and I do check in for progress reports on your bro every day! ((((hugs))))


I learned to drive in a VW bug. I loved it. At that time (and I don't know if they still are) all they had was manual transmissions which meant I had to learn to shift gears. I thought it was a fun little car. Now, I can drive John's big dump truck with no problems shifting gears. You know, Alicia just can't get the hang of the shifting gears. She was forced to drive Ryan's car one time in Germany and she had the entire town of Stuttgart waving their fists at her for stalling out at the intersections. :) Katie does look very happy. Love the scarf she is wearing!


Your daughter is beautiful and I am sure she is having the time of her life. My nephew is in England for this semester of his college as an exchange student. He has been to Ireland, Scotland, Germany and Paris. Wonder if he and your daughter have crossed paths in Europe.

Congrats on the VW!! Love em

I have been trying to keep up with your Brother's news and it sounds like some improvement every day. I continue to hold him in my thoughts and prayers.


Katie is looking like a native! hope you don't have to go over there and drag her home .... although, that would be nice too!


What very lovely pictures!


Your daughter's pictures are enough to make me cry. Oh, that may just be the vicodin, but whatever! :)
THANK you for the sky! This made my day, even though it took me long enough to get here. I saw a rainbow today. And I thought of YOU! And Michael!
And that's NOT the vicodin talking!
xoxoxo my dearie!

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