Really, really good news -- for real
Lighting up the sky with the knit-love

Second verse, same as the first!

The highlight of yesterday is that it was much like the day before.  Whew!  Hugs, kisses, smiles; sometimes sleepy smiles.  I didn't spend too much time, don't want to over-do -- he needs lots of love, but he needs to rest and get better.  That's the hope for today, too.  We already know that Friday will be much different.  Surgery is scheduled for first thing and, yes, it is Michael's birthday and St. Patrick's Day.  I'm already thinking of leprechauns, rainbows, pots of gold, slightly more than 16 candles, four-leaf clovers, Aran sweaters, redheads, freckles, green, green, green, and luck o' the mostly honorary Irish (though there is just a splash of real, by-now-very-watered-down Irish in our veins).  Kiss someone Irish tomorrow and give 'em an extra peck with a thought for my bro, hm?

Dsc06726Dsc06723I'm still knitting blue and there's plenty more in the bag.  I keep thinking of what I might take up with next, but that's Shirley Shrugs, resting quietly in full view of me and the closest stash atop the entertainment center.  That's Mom's going to demand that it get some attention.

Dsc06731Dsc06727Making the loudest stash noise at the moment and making valiant effort at catching my eye (other than at least five -- no six -- varieties of sock yarn that's really getting quite obnoxious), is this nice, green, wool-cotton that I purchased last June at School Products in NYC with a sweater for Mack in mind.  It's even already found a pattern with which to associate -- Knitty's Trellis.  Running a close second and third are Bamboo and the Juniper baby alpaca, both sent by my BP from last fall, Jessica; she sent me some Hemp yarn, too, but I can't hear it from the hamper.



You and Norma must be smoking the same stuff today. Here I am, humming along, I'm Henry the 8th I am, Henry the 8th I am, I am . . .


LOL. I said it first! I'm trademarking it!!! (weeeeeep!) Holy crap, now I'm going to spend the whole day wondering what made us do that......Was it the moon?


Jeez, it sure is noisy in your house with all that stash talking, I love the Knitty trellis cardi it will be sweet for Mack.
I'm glad things are still good for Michael and I will be thinking of you tomorrow.


I'm already thinking of Mike, and will have plenty honestly and honorarily Irish at my house to kiss. With each peck, I'll be blessing Mike and wishing him a speedy recovery!

Mary in Boston

Awesome news about your brother, Vicki. I know there's still a long way to go, but it's great that he's communicating again.

Love seeing your stash. I have Rowan Big Wool yelling at me from mine.


Oh my goodness, a St. Patrick's day birthday, too...........Michael is truly a special guy. Doesn't every one have a little diluted-down Irish in them on St. Paddy's day?
Glad to hear that he is making progress.......


I'm usually a not on your life St. Pat's kind of girl - but tomorrow - well tomorrow I just might wear green. ;-) L, C


Hi! I'm new here!
Tomorrow, every time I look at a green shirt, I'll say a quick prayer for your brother. I hope the surgery goes well and that he has a "happy as possible" birthday.
Little brothers are about the best gift God can give you I think and I have just cried and cried reading about your brothers accident.
I will defnitely be back to monitor his progress.


my SO is 1/2 Irish...I'll kiss him for ya ;o)

So glad to hear that he continues to get better :o) Now go quiet down that stash!


Vicki, I will think of your brother tomorrow and say a prayer for him. After reading your last entry I realized you are from Wis., so am I and it has not been good for accidents lately has it! Your brother sounds like each day is a little better and with all the "knitting angels" praying and wishing him well he will be recovering quickly! Keep knitting and hang in there!:)


Best of wishes to your brother! with a supportive sister like you, he will certainly do well.


Hi! I have followed your blog and in particular your heart felt writings about your bro... I wish you and him of course all the best in his recovery. It won't be for lack of love that is for sure...and that is a "good thing" as M. would say ..
I knit Trellis from Knitty for my grandson for Xmas...made it into a pullover at his Mom's request (my DD) and at not quite 2 yet he wears it alot and enjoys it and I, of course, loooove seeing it on him!
Keep your chin up and keep up your fabulous writings...

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