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I saw my brother today, but he didn't see me.  He's very heavily sedated -- you could say "mild induced coma."  The doctors can wake him easily, if they want; he does respond to some commands.  They are not monitoring the pressure on his brain anymore, though, and while I didn't ask about that specifically, I'm taking it as a very good sign.  He is still on the respirator; he can breathe on his own, but he has three or four fractured ribs on each side and it just frickin' hurts.  He has fractured vertebra in all three areas (cervical, thoracic and lumbar) -- one, two or three in each, some worse than others, some just hairline cracks (as far as they can tell right now) -- C7 is the one most likely to require surgery.  But that's still down the road a bit.  Baby steps.  One thing at a time.  Improving.  He was measured for a full body brace today, which he'll need only wear when upright, and he could be in the hospital for a very long time yet.  He'll be 44 on St. Patrick's Day and it sure would be nice if he was out, but I think we can party in the hospital if we have to.  ; )

Speaking of St. Patrick's Day, I still have a daughter in the U.K.  I was able to inform Katie yesterday about Michael's accident and it's weird, but okay.  She is leaving tomorrow night for a weekend trip to Ireland!  They're flying into Shannon and out of Dublin.  I think I'm going to transfer some money to her account so she can buy me some yarn, if anything speaks to her.  She might possibly go to Scotland yet, too (just over a month and a half before she comes home!), and I'd also like some from there.

A young lady come to the CCU waiting room this afternoon and spoke with the volunteer on duty.  The girl had a small vase of flowers and a card in her hand, and also a newspaper.  I noticed her as she took a seat while the volunteer went off into another area.  A few minutes later, the volunteer returned and asked us whose family we were.  We told her, of course, and we were exactly who the young lady, Mary, was looking for.  Mary doesn't know my brother or my sister-in-law or any of us, but she'd read about Michael's accident in the newspaper (the one she had in her hand) and said that she and her grandmother had been praying for him by name and she just felt moved to come...  Oh, yeah, I know!  We talked for a bit and hugged and thanked her for her thoughtfulness, and then the volunteer got out a fresh box of tissues...

There was laughter along with the tears at lunch this afternoon with my sister-in-law, my mother, and one of my sisters.  When my brother is the subject, there can be a laugh a minute.

Once, when Michael (the only boy among five kids) was probably 4 or 5 years old, he exposed his p*nis during breakfast with his sisters, totally freaking us all out and sending us, screaming, from the table.  When Dad found out why four bowls of cereal were left untouched, he made Michael sit down and eat every soggy morsel as punishment.



Still here, still holging you in prayer. I've pretty much stopped reading others' blogs because I can barely get through yours for the tears and the laughter. Be good to yourself at times too.



OH MY GOD! I can't believe this. I JUST read the post about your brother, and I AM SO SORRY! No one deserves to go through something like this. I searched the Post Crescent Newspaper and saw the picture of Michael's car. OH MY GOD! I'm not normally a praying person - but I will definitely be praying for you and your family.

Take time for yourself as you go through this.


Michael sounds like quite a character, even as a young boy. And a good Irish boy, too. I'm sure you'll have plenty to celebrate on St. Patrick's Day. Know that we are all shedding tears, laughing along with you, and sending healing thoughts his way.


it sounds like he is out of the woods Vicki and thank God for that - even if it is a long road ahead of him, he will have his family's support. I am crying and laughing reading your memories! call me if you need anything!


My brother did that once - in the back seat of the car. Thank goodness we were through with breakfast! ;-)

I'm so glad for these updates. I've been thinking of you and your family all day. As Ann said, call if you need anything. We're here for you!!! Love LOVE LOVE! C


I love the memories you've been sharing at the end of each post - especially this one. I'm relieved and so happy that things are improving for Michael. Still praying.


I'm happy to hear that he's doing better and that things sound pretty stable.


I adore your memories of your brother at the bottom of your posts. I'm glad things are stable, and it certainly sounds like your experiences in the hospital are 180 degrees from mine recently. Thank goodness!


Glad to hear he is still stable and that your family is coping well. I love the little stories at the end however I'll admit, that's where I start tearing up - I feel so bad for you and your family and I hope he pulls through this.


Glad to hear your news is better, keep strong, take care.


Aww...Vicki. I am so glad things are sounding better and better. Loving, healing, strong thoughts to you all!


Vicki, I think that it might take a while, but your brother is going to recover and he is going to get you for telling those stories about him at the bottom of your posts. . . not that I'm not loving them all!


Hey Vicki, I was offline for a few days and missed all of this. I just want to say I'm thinking of your brother and family. *hugs*


See what happens when I don't check in? I missed it and just now catching up. I am so glad I'm reading the "good" stuff first and it sounds like he is on the upswing. Definitely a good sign if they aren't anally monitoring his intracranial pressures. Sending LOTS and LOTS of positive thoughts for you and him.


Hi Vicki,
I hope your brother comes out with flying colors. Before you know it, he'll be up and around and reading all the blog posts about might need to run once he reads the one about him exposing himself during breakfast. You and your family are in my prayers. Hang in there.


Sending warm thoughts and prayers for your brother and all of your family.

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