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Dsc06745My sister made this pin for me to commemorate the one-year quit -- she's got a year in (plus a day), too.  Iota Delta Sigma -- I Don't Smoke.  That was something that our brother-in-law said to us and it stuck with us both -- that was the mindset.  'I can't go out for a cigarette because I don't smoke.'  There were days when that's all that ran through our minds, "I don't smoke.  I don't smoke.  I don't smoke."  Like writing it on the blackboard 500 times.

Can't believe it's been a year.  I am still trying to decide what I'd like to do for myself to celebrate -- I am juggling the idea of a make-over type thing or more of a spa-type thing (hot stone massage, a facial, reflexology).  It's the kind of thing that I can easily talk myself out of -- that even though I've saved over $1000 by not smoking this past year, I won't want to spend the money.  I should, though...

Dsc06749 Dsc06747 Dsc06748

The Olympic Quilter, having taken up the challenge, brought her finished block over the weekend!  Isn't it gorgeous?  I awarded her a gold medal, of course.  I hope I live long enough to see it as an actual, finished quilt.  ; )

March is a busy month -- and this one has been like no other.  Today, the first day of spring, is my 2nd blogiversary.  Incredible.  What a lot of fun -- more than I ever imagined.  The people I've met and challenges undertaken -- both personally and as concerns knitting -- kind of blow my mind.  Thanks for reading and commenting and offering support and advice and just being there.  It all kind of blows my mind sometimes.  In a good way, a very good way.  ; )


Lizzy B

Happy Blogiversary! And Quit day! I so happy to read that your brother seems to have his feistyness back! That's great news Vicki! I'm still prayin' for him though... :)


Happy Blogversary!! Go out and treat yourself to something "special" ---you deserve it. Saying prayers for Michael for a speedy and complete recovery.


Happy Blogiversary!
Your brother sounds well on his way to recovery, wanting to get out of there is a sure sign!
I smell celebrations at Knitorious!


Happy 2nd Blogversary! Happy Quit Smoking Anniversary! It's all good:D

Amy Lu

Happy 2nd Blogiversary to the non-smoking knitting lady with the miracle brother!!!

Many wishes for a real-life-boring but knit-exciting 3rd year of blogging!



Happy Blog Anniversary! I'm so glad you're here!


Happy blogiversary - Hey, I'm a member of that sorority, too..........as of January 10, 2005 at 5:32 p.m.


Happy Blogiversary! You have so many wonderful things to celebrate - I think a little pampering is in order.


Happy Blogiversary! Thank BLOGLAND for you!


Congratulations on making it through the first year as a non-smoker and on to your third blogging year. I vote with Hillary, pampering is in order.


happy blogiversary! you have a very cool blog, and congrats on the 1 yr quit-day! just take a deep breath of fresh tobacco free air. best wishes for the continued recovery of your brother...as noted yesterday, swearing and wanting to escape are both very good signs :>


Vicki -- You should totally go out and spend a little of your smoking savings doing something good for yourself. Think about all those years you spent that money on something bad for you. Turn it on it's head! And, while a $1000 spa day would probably be pretty incredible, I think you could probably do the things you listed for well under $500. So you're still saving money by not smoking!


Spa Day! Spa Day! You deserve it.

Happy Blogiversary!


Congratulations on being quit for 1 whole year! That is so awesome Vicki! You really should give yourself an equally awesome reward. You so deserve it!

Leslie, Richmond, Va. USA

Congratulations on your anniversaries. As a fellow former smoker, I know what an accomplishment that is!


That is a sterling accomplishment. If you have misgivings about the spa day expense, maybe you could spread out the reward and get a monthly massage?


Congrats on the one year smoking anniversary and your two year blogiversary! You should treat yourself...really! :)


you have alot to celebrate today, Vicki! Happy happy day!


Happy Blogiversary! $1000 could buy a heck of a lot of yarn! :) Hope Michael is doing well!


Congrats on being smoke free for 1 year! I think you definitely deserve some pampering for that.


Congrats on both your anniversaries :o)


Congratulations Vicki, keep up the good work.

lynne s of oz

Congrats on both anniversaries! I need your snail mail addy ;-)


Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! And I'm so glad your brother's surgery went well.


congratulations on 1 year! That's wonderful!


Congrats on BOTH anniversaries.. I don't think there are too many things as hard to do as quitting smoking. Have that hot stone massage, you certainly deserve it.

Becky / Knitting Interrupted

Vicki the quilt is awesome! You almost tempt me to pick up quilting again even though its been 20 years since I made one!


Congratulations on being a non smoker for a year. That's hard work. I also maintained my quitedness by saying "I don't smoke" and haven't for 15 years.

I'm glad to see the progress that your brother is making (writing this on the 24th). I send good wishes and prayers for you and your family.

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