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Overheard in ICU today

Stand down

We're still on alert, mind you, but it's lights out on the emergency knit-signal and the stress-o-meter took a nose-dive this evening.  Thanks to all you super-heroes for the prompt response!!  What a day...

The surgery, originally scheduled for 7:30 a.m., finally began at around 5:00 and was finished at a little after 8:00.  (Holy scalpel, knit-girl!)  Thankfully, there was warning about a delay last night, but we had no idea it would be so, so, so, so long a delay.

We saw Michael only briefly afterwards, awake but very, very sleepy -- and doing just fine.  He did good.  We all wished him a happy birthday and got a big smile, too.  There's a plate holding things together (from T1 to C6) and there was no new, previously unknown damage found in that area.  Whew.  The broken vertabra in other regions will be left to heal on their own (he'll need to wear that brace for a while) and will have to be monitored -- he's got a lot of life ahead and there's no way to know what to expect in the long-term.  In the short-term, I fully expect to see him sitting up, alert and out of ICU very, very soon!  Woohoo!!!!

So, there's still some time left this St. Paddy's Day for a toast -- to my brother on a most memorable birthday!  I raise my glass...

May God grant you many years to live,
for sure he must be knowing,
the earth has angels all too few
and heaven is overflowing...

All of my sisters (and Mack!) will be here over the weekend...  I think I'm going to go collapse now.

P.S.  Did anyone notice, in the earlier post, that the "Kiss Me, I'm Irish," happy birthday, green socks bit landed RIGHT next to the photo album picture of St. Brigid?  She, too, is a saint of Ireland!  I took it as a very good sign.  ; )


yvette happy the news is good, have a good weekend with lots of hugs from Mack.


Sniff, I wipe away tears of shear happiness for Michael, his family, and for you dear Vicki. FYI - I've been unable to sleep since about 1:00 AM so I got up to sit quietly in my basement in front of the gas fireplace crocheting squares for Jef and Michael. It's been very thereaputic!


Wonderful news. What a roller coaster ride this has been for all of you. I'm so glad that whatever little bit of support I can give through email and comments is helping you cope. I know you'd do the same for me. Enjoy having your family around you this weekend!

Bookish Wendy

Happy Dance...Happy Dance...


What wonderful, wonderful news, Vicki. The perfect St. Patrick's Day!


Woo hooo --I was thinking about Michael and you all day! Great news! Couldn't ask for better on his birthday and St. Patrick's day!
Continue to keep us updated!


Oh Vicki! So good to hear! Whew. Can I go back to being NOT irish now? ;-)


this is such good news Vicki! I hope you have a great visit with Michael today! enjoy that little Mr. Mack - is he still the cutest thing in WI? (except for Rusty, of course)


It's great to hear some very good news. Rest yourself and enoy some down time so you can be ready to go again. Warm hugs to you!


Great news, Vicki and thanks for the frequent updates. Spending time at hospital can be exhausting. Take good care of you.

Teresa C

So glad to hear that sigh of relief in your writing. Now, what can we do to let M know we are thinking? Knit squares. That's it.


Such good news.


I kissed, kissed some more, and kissed again. So many Irish cheeks and lips last night I lost count. And I told each person why I was kissing them twice. We started at 6 pm last night, Pacific time, so that was right smack dab in the middle of Michael's surgery. Holy Karma, Knitgirl! Blessings to you and the whole famdamily.


Well, that is a birthday present for many, many people, isn't it?
Stay strong, or perhaps VICTORIOUS? :)


Hoorah! I'm so glad it went so well!


Whew! Oh, ask for a set of wallet size prints of the x-rays that show where the metal is in his body now and put them in a little billfold for Michael -- makes it much easier to travel, let alone enter a building with a metal detector.


I've been reading your updates and keeping your brother and family in my prayers--I'm so happy to hear that the light in the tunnel seems to be blazing! Congrats as well on your year smoke free!


Glad to hear a good report!


Always tardy for the bat signal...sorry dude.

My very best wishes for your brother's recovery.


Saints preserve us! Such good news!!! May blessings continue and a very speedy recovery be in the near future.


That is seriously good news! I'm glad that everything went well, and I'm sure all your "bat-girls" are ready to go on alert anytime you need us!

Carrie K

Thoughts and prayers.

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