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Remember The View last month?  Well, tomorrow it's a Field Trip -- I absolutely LOVE this idea.  I think it was just last week (or maybe the week before) that I was email-dreaming with Carole, imagining a bus full of knit-bloggers on tour, touring each other's homes (show me the yarn -- and the antiques -- and then let's have cake and cookies), stopping at LYSs and fiber shops along the way, spotting farms with sheep, knitting...  Anyway, I'll be participating in "The Knit-bloggers' Back Yard Field Trip," and I hope you will, too.  (Y'all know who has one of the best "back yards" around, don't you?  And the best pictures of it, too!)

Jefbutton_2I'd also like to point you in the direction of Christine -- here, here (adorable picture alert!), and here, and finally, here.  She is collecting blue knitted squares to make into a blanket for her brother, Jef; in fact, the project is called "Comforting Jef" (see the snazzy button?).  In that last entry, she wrote that she hoped to have too many squares -- enough to perhaps make a second blanket for my brother; that would be "Comforting Mike."  She didn't tell me about that, though she has been leaving me comments, so I ran across it in my regular blog reading and... Wow, Christine, I am verklempt.  Just when I think I'm verklempt enough, I get verklempter.  Christine and I are fairly new to each other's blogs, I think it's likely a happy (and hopefully lasting) side effect of the Knitting Olympics.  Thank you, Christine, for such a sweet thought.  I'll definitely be knitting blue for your brother.  Comfort.

I'm really torn about the blogging, blogging about my brother, specifically.  His recovery could be very, very, v.e.r.y. long -- he could be in ICU for a long time, with no real change.  Or he could wake up tomorrow.  His wonderful p.m. nurse of the last few days gave us a bit of a reality check yesterday, and I'm glad.  The bottom line is, there is no "timeline," everything is dependent on something else; there is a process to recovering from major head trauma and he has to work his way through it; he hasn't responded to commands the past few days, but it's hard to draw any conclusions about anything right now -- No One Knows.  It is very scary.  And maybe I should just not be blogging about him.  I don't want to be the Bummer Blog, I want you all to come and visit me over here (because, really, I am all about the comments and the visiting), I don't want you all to not know what to say or to feel uncomfortable, I don't want to make you sad, but I know, too, that a lot of you are enjoying my little stories.  Maybe I should put that part in "extended entry" or something, or not do it everyday.  I don't know.

When Michael was on the cusp of adolescense, our then single-mother struggled with how to talk to him about the facts of life.*  Right about then, she came home with the book, "Where Did I Come From?" and sat us all down to read it to us.  I was 16 at the time (yeah), so Mike was 12.  When she got to the part about men having er*ctions, he innocently and enthusiastically blurted out, "Hey, that happens to me!!"  Naturally, we all responded with fits of giggles.  The poor, poor kid... it's a wonder he turned out at all.

*We were really a family of innocents.  Just a few years earlier, the older sister and brother of a friend of mine actually had me believing that every night before bed their mother told them one fact of life, as if there was some master checklist somewhere.



mwah, Vickie. Now you went and got me all verklempty........snif, snif..


Vicki, blog as you feel best. If it helps to "talk" about it, then please do so. For me personally, I'd like to know. I've been checking on and off each day for progress reports. There are many of us who care and want to hear the good and the bad. However, if it's bumming you out to have to come the blogland with updates, then let it go. We're all here for you. Talk about whatever is in your heart and we'll listen.


Holly said it better than I could.

I'll be working on some blue afghan squares this weekend.


You do what you have to do. If you feel like blogging about Michael do it. Your blog has not become the Bummer Blog. It's not possible. And those of us who love you are going no where. YOU'RE STUCK WITH US. So if it makes you feel better to blog about your brother - I say blog away! You'll reach a balance and all will be good. It's a fresh hurt - for both of you - so you need to nurse it.

Love, Cara


I too agree with Holly's post. Still sending the love to your family.

Also, when I read your blog, it's like a reminder to me to give some of my time/attention to you and your family in my thoughts. Just sayin'....


I'm with everyone else, do whatever heals the hurt and we'll still be here for you.


I think I actually enjoy reading your blog more since you've started blogging about your brother. I like reading about knitting, and all of that stuff, but it's so nice to really learn about the people behind the blogs.


What they all said. And thanks for the link to Christine's site. Had not seen her before, and I'm going to do some squares.

Mary Fran

Vicki, I read your blog every day, I just rarely comment since I'm "blogless". I love reading the stories from your childhood. And I'm checking for the updates on your brother, even if it is that nothing has changed. Keeping you in my prayers...

Mary in Boston

Sending lots of hugs your way, Vicki. I'm with everyone else. Use the blog as you wish. I love to hear about your family, and I'm checking for updates on your brother.

I first started reading your blog because of the warmth and friendliness of your posts. I felt I had some things in common with you. I continue to read because I love the way you write about your family and the things that are important to you.

Keeping you and your family in my prayers.


You know what, Vicki? You don't blog for US. You blog for yourself. Honestly. We just come along for the ride. And "talking" about your brother is what you need right now. Maybe somedays you won't need to but some days you will.
We are here to hold your virtual hand.ANd honestly, if someone doesn't want to read it that day, they can hit the X.
I'll be here. Everyday.


Vicki, it is so cathartic to be able to blog about your brother. I am glad that the nurse told you what she did - it is a long, arduous experience and you and your family will need all your strength to deal with it. Being able to talk about it and get some understanding, supportive feedback will be so helpful. Hey if someone doesn't want to read about it they can just go to another blog or skim the blog - if it gives you some measure of comfort keep on doing it. I am loving the childhood stories - they are wonderful. I am going to join the blue sqaure knitalong in honour of my sister who died from melanoma (which ultimately 'seeded' in her brain) almost 9 years ago. I would love to knit one for your brother as well so I will be knitting two. Hang in there!


You blog what you need to blog! And please don't cut us off from news of your brother's progress!

Hasn't stopped me dropping by every day as usual!


I agree with the others. It's your forum. I'm here for my own reasons and I'll take what you give me. I do so love the memories of your childhood and I continue to hold you and your family in my prayers.


Vicki, I have been away from blog reading and just catching up with yours. Let me add my voice to those offering you and your family good thoughts at this very uncertain time. If blogging helps, then do it.


Do what you feel is best each day. If you feel the need to share then do so, if you just can't then that's fine, too. We're here for you no.matter.what!!


I will add my two cents although it pretty much echoes the other comments. Your blog is not a bummer - especially when you're talking about your brother. The key is whether or not it helps you! If it makes you feel better to ramble - ramble on! But if it depresses you, don't feel you have to share with us. The knitting blog community will certainly not replace a real, in person community, but it is community nevertheless. We are here to listen if it helps you.


I'll be praying for your brother.


Your brother is very lucky to have you for his sister. I never had a brother and have often wondered what it would be like. You are the kind of sister I would hope to be. Peace to you and your family.


Okay, so I'm late to the party on this one. But, listen, you do what's right for you and we'll be along for the ride. Okay? You're not a bummer and I really care about what's going on. And I'm all for that field trip! But the heck with tea and cookies, at my house it's martinis and nachos, okay?

Amy Lu

Vicki, everyone's blog, on some level is a life-blog. That's what makes blogs interesting. I'm glad you've been posting about your brother, I'm glad to know how you're doing.

I'm going stash diving to see if I can come up with some blue yarn, I'd like to join that Comfort-along.

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