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Dsc03921One of many breathtaking pictures that Katie took from (or of) the Cliffs of Moher last weekend.  She had a great time in Ireland with four mates and a rented car; they stayed in an adorable little lodge and traipsed around the countryside.

Dsc03917Oh, okay, here's one more (as always, click for big).  Y'all know what I'm thinking when I see ones like these, don't you?  "Oh, Sandy would LOVE this!"

Dsc03972Katie knows what her mum likes, too -- and what she likes to share with her friends!  She calls this one, "Sheepies in Blarney, Ireland."  I love that; my girl calls them "sheepies."

Dsc03988And you know what else they have in Blarney?  Mwah!

* * * * *

I'm relieved that my SIL's sister has arrived and will be here all week.  It's a good week for her to be here.  My brother will have a tracheotomy tomorrow, so that he need not be intibated anymore and also allowing them to reduce the sedation medication.  They're hoping to do surgery tomorrow to fix the C7.  It's still all about patience and prayers.

One of Mom's favorites was when "John and Joe" would play Garbage Man.  They'd even take time off from their hard work and go fishing.  Annie would sit on the basement steps with a "fishing pole," the line dangling over the side -- Michael would, too, if he was able to talk one of us girls into helping out.  We would tie a stuffed animal to the end of the line and give it a good tug, or if we couldn't be talked into it, Mike would do it just for Ann.  "Wow!  You got a big one, Joe!!"



Sheep! That picture is so adorable!


I love the pictures of Ireland. A friend of mine went earlier this year and emailed a picture from the Cliffs of Moher that had a very ghost like figure in it. Freaked me out as soon as I opened the email. So beautiful though.


Sheep, skies and Blarney Stones! If I ever get there I might be too afraid to kiss that stone.


OH! The Irish sky is gorgeous! Thank you to Katie!
(I DO love them!:)
And the sheep. Who doesn't like sheep?
Still praying!


Makes me want to go to Ireland! Field trip, anyone? Keeping Mike in my thoughts.


Oh those pictures bring me back. On this date in March of 1999 I was getting prepared for my trip to Ireland. I also visited the Cliffs and the Blarney Stone. I wonder if it is the same little old man that holds you while you do a back-bend and kiss it? I got to kiss it twice since the Troll I went with didn't get a photo of me the first time ;o) I'm skeered of heights, too so that was such a treat. I remember I got the world's worst sinus infection after smooching that thing! I hope she is having as good (or better) a time than I did! ;o)


I'm sorry, I neglected to add - I'm so glad to hear that your brother is doing better :o) I love the little stories you add to your posts (I think I already said that...oh well)

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