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Michael was sitting up in a chair for a while today.  He is completely off the ventilator -- in fact, the ventilator has left the room.  (Every time I visit, there's less and less equipment.)  He is getting extra oxygen and there's saline to keep things lubricated.  He coughed and it was loose and, while it probably hurt like hell, it was good.  His hands are no longer restrained, though he is wearing special mitts so he doesn't pull out a tube or something (he's got more ports than my computer).  He's not really awake and it's hard to say when he will be; his eyes barely open.  He moves, but not when you ask him to; doesn't respond to any commands.  There's a very bad bruise on his back and left shoulder -- the fractured scapula.  Thank goodness his shoulder took that impact rather than his spine.  I saw more pictures of the car today.  My knees go weak and I am overcome with emotion -- still -- when I think about and realize how incredibly fortunate he is, we are.  I can't think of a word that comes close to describing it.  He gets tears in his eyes.  I get tears in mine.  I hope and pray.



Good to hear things are progressing. Do keep us updated; to know how he is doing is to know how you are doing, and we all want to keep apprised of that. :)


Glad to hear he is off the venitlator. Take good care of yourself too.


We're praying really hard.............you go boy--- Michael, you the man!


Good news! Progress! So much to be grateful for today.


We're praying really hard.............you go boy--- Michael, you the man!


Upright is progress - and progress is good :o)


Thinking of you and your family.


Good news, we are hoping and praying too.


I haven't commented in a while but I think of your brother daily and keep hope for a good outcome. Just wanted you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you both.


Thinking healing thoughts (I almost wrote heeling, which might also cover sock knitting).


Wonderful progress - thanks for sharing with us. :) I'll continue to think of him and all of you when I light my candles every day.


I'm so glad for all this progress! A tear's falling here too. L, C


Just checking in to say I'm thinking about you and your brother. That is great that the ventilator is gone. I pray for coninued progress. Take care.


We all hope and pray withyou. He has all the love a support your family can give and his strength to draw from. It will be a long and slow road but everyday the picture looks better. Big hug to you, Vicki.


This is incredible news, Vicki! Thanks for sharing it. We will take any and all positive steps, no matter how small. Or large!

Kim/Curlie Girl

My thoughts are with you and your family my dear. Your brother is so lucky to have so many people who love and care for him to help him down his road to recovery.


Improvements. So good to read. A long road it may be,but at least he's on it.
Take care.



Good to hear he's doing better


Glad to hear that your brother is showing improvements. Everyday will be better. You're in my prayers.

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