Vicki, don't you lose that number...


This post could go south so easily.  I'm in a mood, a funk; I've got the blahs and I'm blue; it's like someone has stepped on my rose-colored glasses.  So let's just turn around and go north, shall we?

Dsc06789My brother, Michael, lives north and I talked to him last night!  I wanted to know how his first weekend at home went; I hoped that he was entertained by visitors, but not overwhelmed by them.  Sounds like it went pretty well and they're getting used to things, figuring out ways for him to be more comfortable, working on remembering and thinking, learning more about what happened to him, playing with the dog.  He gets so emotional sometimes -- and I do, too; we all do!  It's amazing, after all these weeks, how the gravity of it all can sometimes still sneak up and bowl you right over; and maybe even more surprising is that you'd think, being bowled over a few times already, that it wouldn't seem so grave or amazing or surprising anymore -- after all, he is recovering so very well!  Well, it is grave and amazing and surprising... it's also humbling and scary and heart-wrenching and joyful... still.  I find I'm given reason to think of his ordeal nearly every single day on my way to work, when I am unwilling witness to bone-headed motor vehicle moves.  Why, yes, there was a particularly frightful one this morning.  Makes me want to put a sign on my car: "Pay attention, people.  Be aware!  And don't drive stupid around me!"

Anyway, physically, Michael can stand being upright -- sitting, walking, standing -- in the brace for about two hours, max, then he's just got to get it off; he's feeling the pain of broken ribs and shoulder blade more acutely and the brace adds to the discomfort.  Fingers and toes are crossed for the next 30 days, when he'll have his next appointment with the neurosurgeon, that the fractured vertebra have all been knitting together nicely on their own all these weeks and that he'll be able to start losing the brace a little each day.

Lifted from Nathania, a meme.  Do a Wikipedia search of your birthdate, minus the year; list three interesting events, three people who were born, and three people who died on that day.  Here's mine:


  1. 1860 - U.S. presidential election, 1860:  Abraham Lincoln is elected as the 16th President of the United States, the first Republican to hold that office.
  2. 1939 - The Hedda Hopper Show debuts with Hollywood gossip Hedda Hopper as host. The show would run until 1951, making Hopper a powerful figure in the Hollywood elite.
  3. 1975 - The Sex Pistols play their first concert at St. Martin's School of Art in London.


  1. 1946 - Sally Field, American actress
  2. 1948 - Glenn Frey, American singer (Eagles)
  3. 1949 - Brad Davis, American actor (d. 1991)
  4. 1949 - Arturo Sandoval, Cuban-born trumpeter

This is just the '40s!  Also born on this day:  Charles Dow (of the Dow Jones), John Philip Sousa, Ray Coniff, Mike Nichols, Maria Shriver, Ethan Hawke...


  1. 1406 - Pope Innocent VII
  2. 1796 - Catherine II of Russia (b. 1729)
  3. 1991 - Gene Tierney, American actress (b. 1920)

Tomorrow:  A very good chance for a completed Fibonacci back and the start of the fronts!

Also:  Please notice the new ClustrMap on the sidebar.  It's pretty cool!  Found at VeryOtterly and thought I'd give it a whirl.

And:  Check it out: 91 knitters in the pink.  How utterly cool is that?



I hope the blues and blahs disappear soon.
Sending good thoughts your way.


I love my Cluster map. It's so cool having a historical record of where all the hits have come from. 6 out of 7 continents so far. I keep hoping that a bored knitting scientist in Antarctica will surf by.


Sorry you're in a funk! But, glad to hear that Michael is adjusting to being out of the hospital. His blanket will be done, and in the mail, on Monday - they turned out to be a bigger job, seaming-wise, than I originally planned, but I am getting there.........


I keep you and Michael in my thoughts every day. It was and is traumatic for both of you and the family, but I just know he will continue to improve. Be good to yourself as well.


I getcha on the blues. I was so cranky yesterday! For no real reason. Today I had to take Hannah shopping and I was cranky. But at least I had a reason!


My grandaughter Ashley was born November 6, 2001. It will always be a special day in my family.


The pain that comes from healing, from the re-knitting of our interiors, is as positive as it is a bother. If he can breathe through it and get some biofeedback coaching or acupressure, that will take the edge off. I'm delighted that he's doing so well!

In our family what you're experiencing now is called "decompression." Whenever one of us would come home from camp, later from college, or after a trauma, we'd sit around the kitchen looking like baby birds, needing to be fed and coddled. We'd sleep for long expanses, then be edgy and insomniac. Eventually (Mom said it was always two weeks, but each time it felt completely different) we'd equalize and re-gain or re-set the inner balance. Watch for flickers of your sense of humor, beware the trap of chocolate ice cream (who would want to seek a new balance when there is chocolate ice cream to wallow in?), and enjoy reassuringly tactile/nurturing activities like gardening, therapeutic baking (brownies! pies! sourdough!), and knitting.

If your creativity disappears for a while, don't worry, it will come back, sometimes in flickers, usually full bloom. Fear is a huge foe and you poured love and energy into the fight -- valiantly!


hugs for you!

Lizzy B

Hugs and good thoughts for you and your entire family Vicki.

In a truly amusing juxtaposition, Catherine II of Russia was born on my birthday! :)

Thanks for posting that! It's pretty interesting stuff! :)


Just stopped by for news of Michael.

His "emotionality" will be worse when he's tired.

In fact I use it to determine when I am over-tired - getting teary-eyed over television commericals is a sign I should go to bed. I remember one summer (during a very stressful 6-week summer school course), that people could make a comment about the weather ("Great day today - not a cloud in the sky.") and I would burst into tears.

Being overly emotional is just part of the course of recovery for some brain injured.

Glad to hear he's doing well,
Janey, a knitting brain injury survivor

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