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Birthday #3

Dsc07034Oh, what a busy, busy week this is!

Dsc07030Fifteen years ago today, we welcomed Madeleine into the world!  Some of us found her to be quite fascinating.  ; )

My labor with her was pretty quick -- and I knew better some of the things I could do to help it along.  When the doc arrived at the hospital at about 8:30 and saw me still walking the halls, he mumbled something about having been called too soon, that I wasn't even close if I was still walking.  I had a different doc for each delivery, and even though this was our family doctor, he didn't know much about my birthings.  Dsc05769_1Shortly before 10:00, my nurse (same labor nurse I had for Ali -- and she was an elementary school classmate) allowed me to get up and go to the bathroom.  Well, that did it!  Maddy was delivered a few minutes later by the nurse who was telling me not to push (I had no choice, of course) while DH was hollering down the hallway for the doctor who was visiting at the nurses' station (he didn't make it in time, but did knock about $300 off his bill); the nurse handed me the little baby bundle and said, "Here, hold her; I've got things to do!"

Happy 15th Birthday, Maddy!  (My baby...)

* * * *

Dsc06962_3I am awaiting Helen A.'s mailing address -- she was the 67th entrant (the number chosen by my recently returned world traveler and "random number generator") and winner of the Inter- and Trans-Continental Connections of Mason-Dixon, Dairyland, U.K. and Europe, Homecomings, Birthdays, Candles, Cake, Beer, Dishcloth Cotton, and my 2.8-lb. loss Contest and will soon receive her prize, a copy of Mason-Dixon Knitting.  Congratulations!  I wish I could send a copy to everyone -- it was great to hear from so many people (and a surprising number of "locals").  Thanks for playing!!  It's a good thing the drawing was held before tonight's weigh-in at WW, as I'm not so sure there will still be cause for celebration.  ; )

* * * *

Katie's home!  She had a great birthday in Munich (lots of beer, lots of kissing), a wonderful time overall, is very glad to be home.  I'm so glad to have her home.  Robyn suggested that Katie write a blog entry about her experience and I think that's a fabulous idea!  Katie liked it, too, so there may soon be guest blogging!  Today, she's doing her best Sleeping Beauty impersonation...



lots to celebrate today!! there's nothing like daughters - sugar & spice!


So happy to hear that Katie made it home safely. Now, didn't that go quickly?
Happy Birthday to Maddy!


Happy Birthday to Maddy and Welcome Home to Katie! I'll bet Mama's happy to have her chicks under one roof again.


Happy Birthday Maddy! Welcome HOME Katie! Kissing? On your birthday? What's that about?!?

(I can't believe Ann didn't say anything about the nightgown....)


Happy Birthday, Maddy! Welcome Home Katie! Yes, cake all around -- forget about WW!


Happy Birthday Maddie, have a fabulous day, Welcome home Katie, can't wait to hear about your adventure.


Happy Birthday Maddy. Welcome home Katie. Lots of fun at the Knitorious household!!


You know, Vicki, you really do have some great looking girls. Maddy looks great in that picture, even if she's not smiling. Happy Birthday, Maddy!
Glad Katie got back safely. I think the best part of a trip is the coming home. Sure, going some place and trying new things is great, but there really is nothing like coming home.


Lucky, lucky Vicki. So much to celebrate; so many blessings in those beautiful girls. Poor, poor, Deb. Not the winner of the book. I won't even demand a recount. I 'll just go buy the book on my own.

Happy days to you and all thouse fortunate enough to be around you these days!!



Happy Birthday Maddy! I love the photo of her peeking out of the bassinet! Why do doctor's get paid for deliveries, anyway? It's not like they do anything.


Happy Birthday Maddie! I love the peaking over the bassinet picture. Your girls are beautiful, enjoy your day Maddie. Welcome home Katie!. I think you have officially hit your birthday limit for April Vicki. Are you sure your random number generator is a little tired, maybe you should draw again.;-)


Happy Birthday Maddy! The bassinet picture is priceless. Must feel good to have Katie back! Love the red hair on your girls; it is a beautiful colour! I love the cow Vicki!!!! What a month for you - woowee!


okay ---- I admit it. I did take note of the nightie. there I said it. But I figured I would leave the lingerie comments to Cara ..... but I do have one question, it's not the same one, is it?

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