Birthday #3

G whiz, I'm behind


G is for Garden.  I love my garden.  It's a little wild at the moment, and I'm not always in the mood for plant-taming, but I do love it.

Dsc07038 Dsc07043

It looks like a little hosta fairy ring, doesn't it?  In a couple of weeks, you'll never know there was a void.  And the rhodie sure has changed in the last few days.

Dsc07039 Dsc07042_1 Dsc07044

I'm surprised that I found a few forget-me-nots blooming already -- they have spread all over the garden and into the path, too.  The bleeding heart is growing like a weed (and I love it).  The creeping phlox is also beginning to bloom.  The leaves are budding out and everything is so very fresh and green.  I haven't always been a gardener and I don't know what made me change my stripes, exactly, but I sure do enjoy it.



Great stuff! L, C


Your garden looks lovely from these pictures =)


I love your garden "G". And your "H"...and your "I". even when I fall behind on reading posts, I am rewarded by such things!

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