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House and Home; Home Sweet Home.

Dsc07050_2There are many, many things I like about my house -- mostly that it's "home," but that's not so easy to photograph.  Though I think many of the photographs I've posted on the blog over the last couple of years -- the ones that show my house, whether intentional or otherwise -- also kind of show "home."

When DH and I moved to Wisconsin from Oregon back in late 1986, we rented a house while we looked for one to buy.  I had seen "our house" driving around once, before he'd even arrived in the state (Katie & I flew, he drove with all our stuff), and crossed it off the list as being out of our price range -- without even checking to see what the price was.  A few months later, we were looking at a house with a Realtor and, as most good realtors will do, he bought some info on similar properties in the same price range.  Uh-huh, you know it... "our house" was one of them.

There's this funny little window in our bedroom that juts out at a 45-degree angle from the corner (that's one thing); and a cute porch with some Greek styling -- not original, but it's okay; a gorgeous, solid oak front door with beveled, oval glass (that's another thing -- a big thing); a creaky oak staircase (another thing) and an oak colonnade (a really, really big thing) -- and that's really as far as I needed to go!  I knew this house would be ours.

We've done a lot of work over the past 19 years -- painting, rebuilding porches, rebuilding floors, more painting, roofing, gardening, more painting, and wallpapering and fixing and repairing and replacing and if you own a home, you know the lists goes on and it will never, ever stop.  ; )



Great H! I love the first photograph! What a wonderful window.


Yup. It never ends. But that's all part of the fun, right? I'd love to see your house in person but it always looks so gorgeous in photos!


I love the details of your home. The first picture is gorgeous.


inCREdible window - how did you take that shot? is that the bedroom window?

i love your garden...


Vicki, can you send my address? I am ready to move in LOL. I'll bring my stash if that will sweeten the pot!!

Your house and garden just looks so yummy...we are still in the 'money pit' stage - we may be there forever!

lynne s of oz

Wow - pics of your house and garden. Spring has come! I love the transformation from brown and grey to green green green. It amazes me. So different from here, since we have eucalypts everywhere and we don't get snow. (Even where we do get snow we still get gum trees).


Great posts and pictures! I have been playing catch-up this week too.


I was considering Home for an H entry but now it has changed to what a new home will bring (and I didn't have any pictures for that!) I love the snippets we see of your house. ˆI would have fallen for those windows, too.

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