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The weather forecast for much of the past week called for rain, and we've had some, but it's been a lot like Camelot, raining only at night.  I don't mind.  I love Camelot (the 1982 HBO musical, not available for purchase)... Richard Harris... oh, I miss him.

Dsc07018I attended the opening of Living on the Edge of Our Common Ground, Celebrating the Niagara Escarpment on Friday night, an interesting show -- something for everyone in the way of art and science -- with lots of events to look forward to.  At the show, I picked up a couple of Wisconsin Wildcards in the "Alien Invaders" series, a series of DNR "trading cards" for identifying invasive plant species in our state.  I didn't really need the card for Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata), as I am all too familiar, having been engaged for years in an ongoing battle in my gardens, but I am completely enamored with the cleverness of these cards.

Oh, the hostas make me happy.  After pulling all the garlic mustard I could find yesterday (made easier by the midnight rain) the hostas could shine.  On the left is Sum and Substance, in the middle is Golden Tiara, and I'm not really sure at the moment which variety is on the right.  I've had a flyer for Foxfire Gardens tacked on the 'fridge for years -- it's only a couple of hours away -- and this is the year I'm going to visit!  Just reading the names on the list is exciting!  Can you imagine?  Hostas called Black Hills, Medusa, Veronica Lake, Spinning Wheel?

Today:  Plan B for "G," "H," and maybe even "I"... aye, aye, aye.

And laundry.

Thanks for birthday wishes for Katie -- I can't wait to share them with her in person.  I'm getting pretty excited about welcoming her home, as you might imagine.



i love those green cigars of hostas when they come up. can you recommend any variety that doesn't suffer from the slugs as much as others? i'd love to grow them but they are invariably eaten away to nothing by the slugs and snails, and i hate using slug pellets to kill them. i remember hearing once that there was quite a large variety, with more leathery leaves than others, that was so vigorous that even if it lost a couple leaves, it didn't matter.


It's great that Katie will be home tomorrow? I believe. Please wish her a happy birthday! Also, I thought it might be kind of neat if Katie felt up to it,for her to blog an entry about her experiences abroad. Not anything long, she's just getting back from a trip and doesn't even know any of us, but still, it might be fun to hear.


Safe travel wishes for today!


I loved that HBO/Richard Harris version of Camelot. I don't even want to admit how many times I watched that as a kid. I don't like the movie version nearly as much.

Tell Katie to have a wonderful Birthday!

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