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What a feeling...

I did it!

I forgot to mention yesterday that among my chores, right between stopping at work and stopping at the bank, was a stop at the DMV to finish what Alison had started, but could not complete, the day before.  Thank goodness, the actual driver's license renewal when smoothly for her because they wouldn't have wanted my portrait on her license!  The registration of her new Beetle, title transfer, license plates, etc., was a couple of hours of hell for her, though, and yet unfinished at the end of the day.

I don't know about your children with bank accounts, but mine don't have (and never did have and prefer not to have) actual paper checks with their checking accounts.  There have been a handful of times that I've had to write a paper check for them because a card wasn't an accepted form of payment.  The DMV?  Give me a frickin' break.  Not that I'm all for the plastic -- I know what merchants pay for our convenience of using plastic and it's downright ugly.  I especially love the merchant service companies who charge a fee to send the bill, separate from the monthly service charge and in addition to the (varying) percentage of the sale and the per-item fees.  Yeah, don't get me started.

What the DMV does have is an ATM, at least.  So Alison went to withdraw what she needed, but it wouldn't give her that much at once.  That cost $2.00.  So she stuck the card in again and requested a lesser amount.  That cost $2.00.  And then again; a little more money, another $2.00.  And then it wouldn't take the damn card because she'd reached her limit on transactions!  She called me at work and I offered to write a check -- she could come over and get it -- but she couldn't even think about waiting in that line again without wanting to cry.

So that's what brought me to the DMV yesterday morning.  I thought I'd be clever and time my stops so I'd be at the door when it opened at 8:30.  I got there at about 8:20 and I was probably 40th in line; by the time the door did open, there were at least 50 more behind me.  I was thinking that perhaps that wasn't the very best strategy.  ; )  It went pretty smoothly overall, having already had the paperwork filled out and knowing the amount of damages, and I was out of there by 9:00.

I got everything else done on my list yesterday, except for the laundry.  I did fold some and throw in a load or two; I think Ali did, too.  You want to know the very best part, though?

The Taxes -- They Are DONE!!

I had DH take me out to lunch yesterday, then strolled through the antique mall, then put my nose to the tax grindstone with only VERY FEW distractions in the way of blogs or emails.

I called my brother last night, rather than going to see him (he was complaining of being sometimes overwhelmed by visitors), and we had a nice chat.  I'll go see him in person today -- after the antique show!  Oh, and I learned yesterday that there will be an antique auction on Wednesday night by my favorite auction company!  They haven't had one in... I can't remember how long.  They used to have monthly auctions, on Wednesday nights, and I used to go ALL THE TIME -- we're talking when Ali was in a stroller (so I didn't always stay for the whole thing then, but as the kids got bigger...) -- and my sister and her friend used to come up from Milwaukee on occasion, it was that good.  The regular schedule was discontinued when the quality of available merchandise began to deteriorate so badly.  I'm so excited, I can't wait!!

I meant to flash my little stash today, but the taxes took priority.  I might be able to get to it later today, but more likely tomorrow.



Hey congratulations on getting your taxes done; far more important than flashing. We have been using a little lesser known concept lately; cash. We go to the bank once a month take out cash that we have budgeted for; put it away and use for purchases - no ATM charges (brutal), no NSF's (brutal), no confusion. It has been an adjustment but I am starting to like it!


The registry is one of the worst places on earth, doncha think? Glad you got all your errands and tasks done, especially the taxes.
Have fun at the antique show!


It might be worth checking to see if AAA and the DMV have a tie in your state; here, the auto association will help people through many of the transactions, and the lines are always much shorter. Our local DMV office actually installed a "line" of chairs! Check out Knit and Tonic Wendy's Flash your Stash, the best one ever: http://knitandtonic.typepad.com/ I gave up before I started once I saw this.


I only read the moving declaration. That's the easiest way to skim I've ever seen;-)


Yay on having your taxes finished and look forward to seeing your stash soon. As for paperwork and bureaucracy don't ask how it goes here!

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